Joycelyn Savage Speaks Out R. Kelly’s Alleged Captive, I’m No Hostage

R-Kelly-Allegedly-Wants-To-Marry-19-Year-Old-Girlfriend.jpgR.Kelly is currently breaking the internet with allegations against him that he is holding women against their will. One of the women spoke out via a web cam interview to say that she is ok, and not being held against her will.

She also declined to disclose her current location, & others in her location. All of R.Kelly’s alleged captives are over the age of consist. Watch the video below via TMZ.

Update: Tommy Ford “Tommy From Martin”passed away at the age of 52

tommyAfter Conflicting reports from various comedians, friends, & outlets, about the condition of Tommy Ford, most known for his role as Tommy (with no job) on Martin Lawrence “Martin” Sitcom. It has been confirmed that he has passed away hours after information via Fords Wife that Tommy was fighting for his life on Life Support, & not expected to make it through the day. R.I.P. Tommy & hopefully we will find out where you actually worked.

8 Gabrielle Union Nude Pics Leaked & Her & D Wades statement of incident.

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September 20th, the world got a glimpse of what D Wade sees in his wife Gabrielle Union, literally, as more high profile celebrities were added to the “my nude photo’s have been linked” scandal. If hackers were hacking their clouds I highly doubt that they were only after nude photo’s.







Gabrielle Union is one of the growing list of celebs that are admitting that the pics that were linked are indeed hers, which makes the case for other celebrities such as Jill Scott seem more suspect when they say that leaked photos leaked were not there’s, be on the look out for more nude “leaks” because that’s why you would hack a millionaire, to see them naked.gu2gb 3Gabrielle Union claims to be very upset about the leaked nudes and has reported the crime to FBI officials according to TMZ article . Her and Hubby D Wade released a statement saying“it has come to our attention that our private moments, that were shared and deleted solely between my husband and myself, have been leaked by some vultures.”


gb 6 needs editgb 4If your nude photo’s got relased to the world could you report them to the world, hell whats the FBI’s number how the hell you call them, any who enjoy her nakednessas D Wade would.

Curtis Young (@mrcurtisyoung) Memphis Aug.2 at the Radiance Bar

Curtis Young, son of the 1st and only hip hop Billionaire Dr.Dre, will be in Memphis, August 2nd for a performance at the Radiance Bar & Grill, in part to promote his label Forever Young Entertainment, and new mixtape “Billionaires Ambition.”

To connect with Curtis while he’s in Memphis for a feature, to open for him in concert, or any other inquiries contact Clint Collins of Studio 618 @ 618567-3690, or DJ Whobeta 3146296404.

Artist from across the Midwest travel, and performance packages are available departing St.Louis to Memphis the morning of August 2nd, for more info contact @whobeta .

Be on the look out for the new mixtape from Curtis Young, “Billionaires Ambition,” clothing line “Signature Young” and much more.

Memphis get ready for a treat.

Dr.Dre’s Eldest Son Looking to invest in the Midwest July 4th Weekend

The first official billionaire in hip hop, Dr.Dre, has a lot of people wondering about the ventures of his offspring, including top gossip website, tv show TMZ which popped up on the Doctors oldest son Curtis Young in East LA, before his departure to Mexico.

Curtis will be in East Saint Louis, with fellow entrepreneur Hard Head, and Former NWA dj Dj Scratch, July 4th weekend hoping to invest in projects with artist, djs, models, bloggers, and more. As well as meeting with top officials from both sides of the Bi-State area.

While here he will be hosting a compilation mixtape, Billionaires Ambition, Co-Hosting the Relaunch of Beta Radio, co-hosting the relaunch party and so much more.

For more info Contact Clint Collins 618-567-3690 / Dj Whobeta 3146296404 / or Dj Damo 314-448-9903

Beta Relaunch Party with Curtis Young and Hard Head

Floyd Mayweather disrespects T.I’s wife and crews collide in Vegas

Its not often that most rich people fight or end up in headlines. But, these aren’t your ordinary rich celebrities. Rap mogul turned actor T.I, & World Champion Floyd Mayweather are both in the headlines again , this time camera’s catch Floyd Mayweather telling T.I to control his “Bitch” refering to his wife and former R & B star Tiny “Tameka Harris.” From there scene cuts and shows an unclear Mayhem which is suppose to be a fight between The King of the South & the king of the ring.

T.I was recently in the news when members of his entourage was brutally beaten outside of a LA night club , & Floyd was just in the news feuding with Top selling rap artist Nelly about relationship with his former fiance after he made claims of a possible relationship.

Some were in America Donald Sterling is Smiling.

Boosie Admits Lean Nearly Killed him at least 4 times in his life

Boosie Admits Lean Nearly Killed him at least 4 times in his life

In an interview with TMZ, the Baton Rouge native decribes his near fatal and addictive relationship with codeine cough syrup drink “sizzurp” aka “lean.”

This came after a spokesman from a leading producer of codeine cough syrup, Actavis informed media that negative press over the years has influenced the company to stop production of the medication.

As Boosie spoke with TMZ he mentioned “Once you on, it’s hard to get off … it’s damn near impossible.

While Boosie admits that the drink tastes like Kool Aid, he does reveal that it almost killed him approximately four times.