Is “Future” From St.Louis or Nawww!!!!

This photo tells a story about a rapper that was once in St.Louis , and had a single in heavy rotation in the 314 with Lil Boosie and St.Louis area artist Vic Damone “Check My Swag” which is one of the oldest songs I was able to find featuring the rapper on youtube .

Things that I have head about Rapper Future being from St.Louis include , him growing up here, going to Jennings Senior High, having a house in Burlington Downs, being managed by well known St.Louis artist manager Guccio, and him stealing his rap name Future from a St.Louis based Rap group called “Da Camp.”

After hours of search engine entries the only thing that popped up was concert information, making me believe that either, he has no ties to St.Louis, or that he doesn’t believe his time here was at all important to his career.

After finding nothing on Google, Bing, yahoo, etc I took my search to facebook, getting some of the same contestant answers, and some answers that made more sense then others being tossed around in the past.

Future was not born, nor raised in St.Louis, and he didn’t attend any school during his time in St.Louis. According to many links, interviews, articles, Future received his name by Iconic Southern Hip Hop’s Dungeon Family, while also going by the name of Meathead , which may discredit another rumor that he stole his rap name from “Future Ali” of St.Louis Rap Group “Da Camp.” They believe he adopted the name some time during their stay in Atlanta as openers on Nelly’s Seat / Suit Tour.

While in St.Louis he had a situation with Guccio , and recorded at a few studios in St.Louis including Notifi Studio’s. Me personally I don’t know the specifics of the situation Future had with Guccio ( Management, investor, mentor, etc). He recorded tracks with acts associated with Guccio including Vic Damome & Laudie on the Track, and took very few surfaced pictures.

The photo seen here is from 2006, the same year the Rapper had an arrested for reasons unknown, and was locked for for time unknown.

Hope this helps some one, if / as more info come in expect updates, feel free to click on photo and comment on facebook.


2 thoughts on “Is “Future” From St.Louis or Nawww!!!!

  1. “Notice Me” was his first Solo single as Future while signed with Guccio. I was responsible for breaking that record on Mixtape and at Club Casino in East St. Louis during my live broadcast on Hot 104.1 which became a club classic in St. Louis. The “Notice Me” record is still a club banger in St. Louis. Shout out to my Derrty Dj crew cause I can’t take all the credit, it was a group effort.


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