Forbes 2018 Hip Hop Cash King List Who’s In, Who’s New, who’s out

Nas.jpgForbes annual Hip Hop cash ling list was released earlier this month & as no surprise you can guess at least 3 familar faces moguls Jay Z, Diddy, & Dre with Jay Z sitting on top of the list with 76.5 million made last year. Noticably missing this year is Cash Moneys Brian “Birdman” Williams & Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. As a surprise to many Nas made the list for the 1st time after dropping his debut album Illmatic more than 2 decades ago, racking in over $35,000,000 which is a lot but still puts him only at 6 on this list putting him under a rapper J. Cole who looks up to Nas a lot.

Just for disclaimer this list shows Forbeshow much these rappers made or were worth it doesn’t mean they get to keep all the money they make (taxes, management, housing, etc). Food for thought, but hip hop lets continue to get this money, all of it.

Who yall expect to make the list next year, tell me, hit me on Ig or tweet me both @Whobeta.

Joycelyn Savage Speaks Out R. Kelly’s Alleged Captive, I’m No Hostage

R-Kelly-Allegedly-Wants-To-Marry-19-Year-Old-Girlfriend.jpgR.Kelly is currently breaking the internet with allegations against him that he is holding women against their will. One of the women spoke out via a web cam interview to say that she is ok, and not being held against her will.

She also declined to disclose her current location, & others in her location. All of R.Kelly’s alleged captives are over the age of consist. Watch the video below via TMZ.

Is Khalid in the Sunken Place during Hit Music Video “Location” #PrayforKhalid

Khalid an Arabic word meaning eternal, or endless, is the name of popular African- American singer off the endlessly played hit record “Location.” The song made popular after Kylie Jenner (whose family appears to have a consistent and unique method of breaking down men) played the then uncharted record on her SnapChat.

 Directed by @alex_dimarco, in the 1st 21 seconds you see an seemingly unintentional confederate flag hanging on the driver side of his Ford Mustang. Possibly unintentionally,  because throughout the remainder of the video you see an American Flag either on the side of the car or on his back. The Confederate flag is, & isn’t a big deal, considering he represents the south by way of El Paso, Texas, its understandable that maybe the flag represents more then the oppression & opposition to the freedom of his fore- parents, but even so why hide it after the 1st 3 seconds. Even more so as the son of an armed forces veteran, wouldn’t representing any fallen enemies flag be disrespectful to someone who fights for our country? Either way the subliminal of the Confederate Flag mini feature puzzles me.

Further more, in the video one thing that had less video time then the Confederate flag, was any women dark as him, or of  “African- American” decent, or any other origin other then European, as he parades around the dessert with the American Flag across his back, which furthers my concern for the “Location” singer, who has stated to be inspired by India Arie & Kendrick Lamar as influences.

Who is controlling Khalid? Do I honestly believe that a 19 year old African- American Urban / Pop Singer, with a hit record couldn’t find a single “Black” girl for his video? Not even a light skinned ebony woman like most hip hop artist who are afraid of darker skinned women, but found time to find, place, then edit out an entire Confederate flag. When Khalid has kids possibly daughters & they (who will be at least partially African- American because he is) don’t see woman who reflect their potential likeliness, in the video that made their father famous, will they feel inadequate to the images in their father’s 1st video?

Who’s controlling Khalid? Is there a power steering the hip hop influenced African- American singer, away from from the mirror, is this what the “American Teen” singer have to do in order to be successful, or does Khalid just not find black women, urban culture, and history cool any more now that he has money? We all love the song but be sure to follow the brother as he may be trying to “Get Out.”


Young Ma says she was unaware December Concert in St.Louis

young-ma“They Don’t Want Me to Win” is what the “Ooouuu”rapper said before announcing that her performance at the Pageant was the 1st time she was aware that she was suppose to be in St.Louis. In December of last year Young Ma & the promoters of the event in question to a lot of heat, jokes, and speculation of who got played, and what was what moving forward. After seeing  no signs of the the December  on her Instagram & being booked out of the country it seems almost apparent that she was telling the truth.

Standing side by side with Young Ma, St.Louis promoter Nelly Da Celeb seems to redeem himself after his B Day party featuring Young Ma turned into a viral roasting of the promoter & artist.

Footage provided by Femme Flicks of St.Louis, MO.

Rocko says his lawsuit against Future isn’t settled


Vlad Tv & MTO, broke the story that Rocko’s pending lawsuit against Future was settled, stating that Rocko would get all of the royalties of Future’s next 2 projects, & that Future signed a 360 deal with Epic Records. Rocko took to Instagram to dispel the claims & discredit the sites. For more info read XXL’s more detailed story here.

Future  Rocko.jpg

Why Chris Brown destroyed Tamar Braxton and Adrienne Bailon on IG


Chris Brown goes uncut and unscripted on instagram, towards Tamor Braxton (reality star, singer), and Adrienne Bailon (3LW, Cheetah Girls, etc), supposedly after they brought up Chris Browns relationship with model, philanthropist Karreche, and a topic of 3somes. A clip of the episode is here

Chris Brown goes in 1st on Adrienne Bailon, accusing her being unimportant, irreverent, and being a broke thot, and tells Tamar to play the role of the ugly sister and stated he didn’t need to post a photo of her because she’s beat in every photo. Check out the post below for every word, and follow Chris Brown on Ig @Chrisbrownofficials just incase this gets funnier.

Chris BChris Brown Tells Tamar


Meagan Good “Goods Leaked” Naked Photo’s Hacked and Her Response

MG 1 MG 2Movie star, and Wife Meagan Good, lives up to her name in latest round of celebrity linked photos. With many asking will she ever do a nude scene for Hollywood, perverts and others interested in her nakedness have less they need to leave to the imagination with at least 5 photos being linked to the public via various social sites.

The exposed actress made her official statement about the naked truth on picture site Instagram, and shamed all who share Meagan’s Goods across the web.

ScreenShot2014-09-21at51714PM_zpsab939bd8MG 3MG 5MG 4

8 Gabrielle Union Nude Pics Leaked & Her & D Wades statement of incident.

gb 5

September 20th, the world got a glimpse of what D Wade sees in his wife Gabrielle Union, literally, as more high profile celebrities were added to the “my nude photo’s have been linked” scandal. If hackers were hacking their clouds I highly doubt that they were only after nude photo’s.







Gabrielle Union is one of the growing list of celebs that are admitting that the pics that were linked are indeed hers, which makes the case for other celebrities such as Jill Scott seem more suspect when they say that leaked photos leaked were not there’s, be on the look out for more nude “leaks” because that’s why you would hack a millionaire, to see them naked.gu2gb 3Gabrielle Union claims to be very upset about the leaked nudes and has reported the crime to FBI officials according to TMZ article . Her and Hubby D Wade released a statement saying“it has come to our attention that our private moments, that were shared and deleted solely between my husband and myself, have been leaked by some vultures.”


gb 6 needs editgb 4If your nude photo’s got relased to the world could you report them to the world, hell whats the FBI’s number how the hell you call them, any who enjoy her nakednessas D Wade would.