Update: Tommy Ford “Tommy From Martin”passed away at the age of 52

tommyAfter Conflicting reports from various comedians, friends, & outlets, about the condition of Tommy Ford, most known for his role as Tommy (with no job) on Martin Lawrence “Martin” Sitcom. It has been confirmed that he has passed away hours after information via Fords Wife that Tommy was fighting for his life on Life Support, & not expected to make it through the day. R.I.P. Tommy & hopefully we will find out where you actually worked.

Big Sean – Play No Games *Martin Show Tribute* Starring Big Sean Chris Brown, & more

The award for best hip hop video of 2015 goes to Big Sean for his nostalgic rendition of the classic “Martin” show. The video included look alike’s from the likes of course Martin Played by Big Sean, Gina,Pam, Bruh Man, Roscoe & even Chris Brown playing accurately playing Cole,”the lovable fuck up” of the series. Being from Detroit executing this video had to be a dream come true with the Iconic “Martin” show being set in the “D.” The song itself features Chris Brown & Ty Dollar Sign on the hook. S/o to Big Sean & don’t forget Dark Sky Paradise available now! Click here,
or http://smarturl.it/DarkSkyParadiseS?I…