Meagan Good “Goods Leaked” Naked Photo’s Hacked and Her Response

MG 1 MG 2Movie star, and Wife Meagan Good, lives up to her name in latest round of celebrity linked photos. With many asking will she ever do a nude scene for Hollywood, perverts and others interested in her nakedness have less they need to leave to the imagination with at least 5 photos being linked to the public via various social sites.

The exposed actress made her official statement about the naked truth on picture site Instagram, and shamed all who share Meagan’s Goods across the web.

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8 Gabrielle Union Nude Pics Leaked & Her & D Wades statement of incident.

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September 20th, the world got a glimpse of what D Wade sees in his wife Gabrielle Union, literally, as more high profile celebrities were added to the “my nude photo’s have been linked” scandal. If hackers were hacking their clouds I highly doubt that they were only after nude photo’s.







Gabrielle Union is one of the growing list of celebs that are admitting that the pics that were linked are indeed hers, which makes the case for other celebrities such as Jill Scott seem more suspect when they say that leaked photos leaked were not there’s, be on the look out for more nude “leaks” because that’s why you would hack a millionaire, to see them naked.gu2gb 3Gabrielle Union claims to be very upset about the leaked nudes and has reported the crime to FBI officials according to TMZ article . Her and Hubby D Wade released a statement saying“it has come to our attention that our private moments, that were shared and deleted solely between my husband and myself, have been leaked by some vultures.”


gb 6 needs editgb 4If your nude photo’s got relased to the world could you report them to the world, hell whats the FBI’s number how the hell you call them, any who enjoy her nakednessas D Wade would.

Jill Scott Caught in the Nude or Naww. (You Judge)


Singer, Actor Jill Scott Admits that some revealing photo’s that have been leaked to the internet are her, & some of the photo’s leaked rumored to be her aren’t her at all with a comment she made on twitter, stating “I wish I had that space between my thighs.”  Check out the photo’s and go on her twitter for all of her updates and you decide.


Jill Scott Responds to Nude Picks