Dr.Dre’s Eldest Son Looking to invest in the Midwest July 4th Weekend

The first official billionaire in hip hop, Dr.Dre, has a lot of people wondering about the ventures of his offspring, including top gossip website, tv show TMZ which popped up on the Doctors oldest son Curtis Young in East LA, before his departure to Mexico. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1TdoFcfJ_I

Curtis will be in East Saint Louis, with fellow entrepreneur Hard Head, and Former NWA dj Dj Scratch, July 4th weekend hoping to invest in projects with artist, djs, models, bloggers, and more. As well as meeting with top officials from both sides of the Bi-State area.

While here he will be hosting a compilation mixtape, Billionaires Ambition, Co-Hosting the Relaunch of Beta Radio, co-hosting the relaunch party and so much more.

For more info Contact Clint Collins 618-567-3690 / Dj Whobeta 3146296404 / or Dj Damo 314-448-9903

Beta Relaunch Party with Curtis Young and Hard Head