Kanye West shades Taylor Swift & isn’t inspired by any minority during MTV awards Speech

Kanye West grabs attention any time he mentions Taylor Swift, or is at the VMA’s. During the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards he did both “Again,” Shouting out Taylor Swift, his ex Amber Rose & more during his 4 minute speech / rant before releasing his new video “Fade” for the 1st time to the public. He also spoke briefly about gun crime in Chicago & & the 3 keys to keeping impoverished people impoverished which included. taking away esteem, resources, & role models of the impoverished people. Then he went to say his only role models were Truman, Jobs, Disney, Hughes, & himself? What did that have to do with you mentioning gun crime & role models in Chicago’s poorest areas, now that I think of it J.Cole has “No Role Models” as well. Watch the video below & Tweet & DM me your comments @whobeta on twitter & snap.

Bone (@bONEtheMack) Exotic Bash & Concert Sept. 24th Studio 618

Bone.jpgTell the “Home Girl” National Recording Artist Bone will be performing his hit record “Home Girl” & single “FWM: at Studio 618 Sept. 24th with Northern artist Certified for their Exotic Bash at Studio 618 809 St.Louis Ave. This is an 18 & Older Event with Dj Yung T Spinning all night.


“Off The Rip” the story of Yung Rip (@YungRip_44)

ripYung Rip was born Marco Law August 25th in the small southern town of Prichard, Alabama. In a single parent household with 5 siblings, Yung Rip learned early that if you don’t work you don’t eat & started cutting grass, washing cars, and other odd end jobs from his preteen to teenage years .

Growing up in the era were southern hip hop became mainstream Yung Rip listened & was influenced by rap groups such as the Hot Boys, Geto Boys, & the 504 Boys, and started free styling in studio sessions at the age of 15, earning the nick name “Off the Rip” that was eventually shortened to  Yung Rip. In the effort to pay for new his hip hop hobby, stay fly, & provide for his house hold, he worked his 1st official job at the age of 16 at a local McDonalds, while attending LeFlore High school with current NBA star Demarcus Cousin. Desiring more out of life at the age of 18 Marco started selling narcotics, even getting caught with weed on campus in his senior year. Barely taking school serious, slanging, & skipping school Young Rip still managed to graduate on time. Still in the streets, & searching for direction with limited resources Yung Rip was kicked out the house & moved around from place to place. Realizing the street life wasn’t for him, and wanting to be a positive role model for his 2 nephews & niece, found another way out, getting his CDL, & driving 18 Wheelers

 As of the summer of 2016 all of Yung Rips shows have been in his home state of Alabama, including his biggest show to date in Evergreen, Alabama where he performed in front of a crowd of over 700 people. Rip is planning for his Ep debut “Rip City” expected to be released late 2016, inspired by his visions of taking over the Mobile, Alabama area. He will be a special guest judge at the Mid South Best Nov. 5th in Memphis, Tenn, as well as other potential shows in St.Louis, Springfield, & of course his hometown of Mobile, Al.

Yung Rip wants to thank Dj Infored, DJ October, & Dj Philly Loot of Doelyfe Studio, giving them credit for his early rap success & his big bro “Bank” who inspired him to take rap serious.

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Bennie_Blanco (@iambennieblanco) “Cuttin Up Remix” Offiicial Video

Central Illinois artist Bennie Blanco was cutting up during Memphis in May with Eye Like Cinema, for the visuals “Cutting Up” remix. The young artist from Springfield plans on cutting up for the remainder of  Summer 16 with shows lined up in Chicago, Springfield, St.Louis, & with a new single expected to drop Labor Day Weekend.
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King Cakes (@KingCAKES100) “No Friends” Official Video


He might be popular, you might have a track with him, but King Cakes lets us know in his latest video he has no friends. Directed by Team Vision Media Group, the video stars King Cakes & no friends.

With 0 friends, Cakes is preparing for his 5 Fan Appreciation day September 17th in Festus, Mo for more info on #Fad5 head to the event page by clicking here. 


Drake Calls Meek Mill Pu$$Y during Summer 16 concert

Meek Mill has had a silent year, but Drake has given him some new life during a performance of “Back to Back” in Washington Dc on August 20th 1 day before Drake performs in Meek’s home town of Philadelphia, could Drake have something up his sleeve to kick the fellow rapper while he’s down, will Meek Mill respond? Will Lil Wayne drop the Carter 5? Stay posted.

DG (@DaKid314) Celebrates the 1 Year Anniversary of his debut Ep “Lambolyfe”with all new visuals

DG.jpgIn a genre of music currently known for mixtapes, & free music, few can say that they are getting paid off of their passion, or even have the courage to attempt. Dg, is one of the exceptions to the common blue print many artist follow on the path to success & stardom, releasing a 9 song Ep Sept. 15th entitled “Lambolyfe,” which he describes as a solid versatile project with the ability to touch the heart & soul of the streets worldwide.  He will be dropping videos for a portion of the the songs on the short album, including the Young Shun produced “Rich” directed by Unkwn. Preview the album if anything else, & if you love it, like it, support it. To check out the project click anywhere on the paragraph above.

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