Ghee Molly is making time to perform “Aint Got Time” April 27th at the Wet Bar

Lastly for more info or to perform text #TurntTuesday to 3146296404.

Chicago native Molly Ghee recently relocated to Springfield, & has made it know what the present priorities are with the latest single “Aint Got Time.” New to the Capitol City Molly Ghee will be blessing the stage for the 1st time at the WetBar be there $5 admission at the door & be sure to check out the single “Aint Got Time” below

Dayton rapper Joddyboy Fendi live at Wet Bar April 27th with new single F.S.O (Fishy Sh! Only)

Dayton artist Joddyboy Fendi gives us a taste of life in his city with his latest single “FSO” (Fishy Shit Only). With a Tony Montana vibe on the production Fendi speaks on Foreign whips, trapping, & women.

He will be bringing that vibe as well as the entire Joddy Boy Family to the Wet Bar in Down Town Springfield, APril 27th. Be there in person to meet Fendi & the family.

For more info or to perform text #TurntTuesday to 3146296404.

Also, Check Out the record Fishy Sh! Only “FSO” below via sound cloud.

Ty Bri “Its Me Freestyle”produced by Ferrari Beatz

Cleveland artist Ty Bri 1st splashed into music scene with her club hit Bobbin and Candy Lady in 2019, after releasing her debut mixtape “Sweet Lick” in 2020 which produced the viral sensation “Wake Up” feat Mulatto. Ty Bri returns with a quick freestyle “Its Me” which is produced by Philly Ferrari Beatz.

“It’s Me” taps into a Drill Music vibe. The video shot by Flicks Carter just has Ty Bri showing off her lyrical ability in the studio. Check it out below.

Lynn Foreign refreshes us with new single “Drip”

Lynn Foreign Cleveland, Ohio’s self proclaimed ‘Queen of Drill” teases us with the audio for her new club record “Drip.” Expect a wild video for it before the end of April. Tap in to the audio below, & be sure to follow Miss Foreign can be found anywhere by searching Lynn_Foreign.

#Songoftheday Nas “It Wasn’t You” (Feat Lauryn Hill) The extraordinary record that never made an album #Day5

Grammy nominateed, certified single, charting on multiple charts across the globe, & 1 of the most popular collborations of Mid 90’s hip hop, that’s how I would describe the 1st time Nas & Lauryn Hill made studio magic with “If I Ruled the World” off Nas 2nd full length album “It Was Written.” With a proven chemistry & results imagine what the next record would have sound like, believe it or not there’s another out there “It Wasn’t You” Nas once again featuring Lauryn Hill, although it never made it to any of his recent albums it was leaked to the internet in the early 2010’s. Its story time with Nas as he speaks on a short lived fling, with L Boogie on the hook! Check it out below.

#Songoftheday Nas “Ether” ‘The Best Hip Hop Diss Record of all Time… Nah #Day4

Brace yourself, as I speak my truth or more so my opinion looking back 20 years ago, what has been hyped as possibly the best diss record of all time “Ether.” Lets start with the obvious in the 3 verse 4 plus minute songs that has always been marketed as a diss record towards Jay Z, he said minimum at best “Hawaii Sophie Name Kept My Name in his Music” directed towards Jay Z listen to the song below to correct or accept me, considered by many as the best rapper of our time the 1st verse of the greatest diss record of all time as no critical shots or any factual bars aimed at the recipient of the diss.

Now lets get to the second verse were Nas gets emotional (this is important) he spends the 1st 4 bars of the Jay Z diss record venting about how his circle & surrounds thought he fell off, & how everyone around him are attempting to finesse him for money (nothing to do with Jay Z). 1:35-1:55 we finally get some shock value shots as he flips Jay to Gay Z & Rocafella to Cockafella, & calls Jay Z a camel. He mentions that KRS has an album called Blueprint which is a fact, but Grand Master Flash had a record called “The Message” (Nas named second track of It Was Written “The Message”), Earth Wind & Fire had an Album named “I Am” (Nas 3rd Album “I AM”), I can go on about the contrition of shaming him for naming his Critically Acclaimed album after an album that was definitely a cornerstone of the foundation of New York Hip Hop. Lastly he criticizes Jay Z for saying that he’s better than Big (which he is) even though they are suppose to be friends. This is the dumbest logic ever LeBron James is friends with D.Wade that shouldn’t stop him from thinking he’s an more elite player. Lastly Nas throughs in another homophonic line at the end of the verse to close it out! (Greatest diss record of all times)

Lastly the meat & butter of the song over half way in we are finally ready to diss Jay Z, “Y’all niggas deal with emotions like bitches” Lets remind all readers that Nas spent half the second verse of the Jay Z diss talking about how people turned they back on him…. We won’t focus too much on the 3rd verse with this argument because for the final 60 seconds of the verse he actually disses Jay Z on the Jay Z diss track.

Before ending my argument about this diss record, in most cases the rapper with the best diss record, continued to prosper with a better career, examples include 50 Cent verses JaRule (winner 50 Cent), Canibus vs. LL Cool J (winner LL), Drake & Meek Mill (Drake). This diss record did not ruin Jay Z in fact its the very reason I listened to the Blue Print & became a Jay Z fan. Nas album sells & singles have been on the decline since dropping “Ether,” while Jay Z has since broke the record for most Number 1 albums by a solo artist.

There is so much more to say about this G.O.A.T. diss record that will go unsaid at this time, however give me your opinion @Whobeta on Twitter & Instagram. Listen to the audio & lyrics below before the conversation. Also tweet me any grammar errors on this piece lbs!

#Songoftheday Drake Replacement Girl (Feat Trey Songz) In case you never heard his 1st single #Day3

“Best I Ever Had” seems like a decade ago, maybe a little longer but before the Grammy Awards & multiplatinum records, Drake was just Jimmy from Nickelodeon an half black half Jewish Canadian actor turned rapper. No matter what whack ass rapper you like, or your personal opinion about Aubrey Grahm, if you love hip hop you have a favorite Drake record, its undeniable. These days we might “Laugh Now Cry Laughter” but it might be “Gods Plan” that Drake is now “On 1” & on is “Worst Behavior” before I go on for those who have never, check out Drakes 1st ever single “Replacement Girl” featuring Trey Songz, who at that time was the much bigger artist.

#Songoftheday Party Next Door ft. Drake “Recognize” A true Love Story in My Opinion #Day2

Loving some one despite the lack of monogamy is possible & PND proves it with todays song of the day, “Recognize.” Through out the chorus he reminds his interest that they both are involved with other people however, he only wants her, & further mentions he’s not worried about anybody else in the picture as long as she’s in it. That’s a whole vibe in my opinion even if its just sexual. Check out the song below & hit me on twitter/Ig @whobeta with your opinion.

T-Rell’s Suffocate – Single & Official Video is a Midwest Vibe

T Rell digs into the crates of the past when he burrows J. Holiday record Suffocate & puts a refreshing spin on it. Watch the video below directed by Oklahoma Film Maker Terrell Mayes. Produced by Rob Stovall RIAA gold producer(also of Oklahoma), you can find Suffocate & more new music on T Rell’s latest project Rell Play available everywhere including Itunes & Amazon Music.

Summer Walker’s “Body” goes Platinum cowritten by St.Louis artist John Joseph

Its been more than a year since Summer Walker released “Over It” one of the most successful debuts from an R & B artist, with hit singles including, “Girls Need Love Too,” “Playing Games,” & “Come Thru.” Late January “Body” was officially released as a single accompanied by an official music video of the currently pregnant singer. Less than a month into the release of the latest single Walker went to Instagram to announce that “Body” has been certified platinum.

Great news for Summer Walker, her team, & St. Louis producer/song writer John Joseph who helped cowrite the now Platinum record. As he received the news he took to Instagram & Facebook as well, announcing “Body” went Platinum receiving likes, shares, & congrats from peers & fans alike. S/o to John Joseph & Summer Walker on their platinum success & you can catch the video below for the officially Platinum single.