Rocko says his lawsuit against Future isn’t settled


Vlad Tv & MTO, broke the story that Rocko’s pending lawsuit against Future was settled, stating that Rocko would get all of the royalties of Future’s next 2 projects, & that Future signed a 360 deal with Epic Records. Rocko took to Instagram to dispel the claims & discredit the sites. For more info read XXL’s more detailed story here.

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Black Efron (@Rap_Efron) “Key’s to the City P-Mix” Audio


A short lyrical excersize by Black Efron over the Jay Z’s “Keys 2 the City” instrumental, that shows that he’s paying attention to current events, & addressing the bs at the same time. Full project “It Was All Love” coming soon.

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The Official Track List For Drake / Future What A Time to be Alive #WATTBA Streaming Now

The highly anticipated newly announced “What a time to Be Alive ” project by Drake & Future is definitely coming soon with the release pf the official track list via OVOForum on twitter. Streaming now via Apple Music.


Meek Mills Fires Shots at Future during his set at “Made in America” concert in Philly

meek-millMeek Mill is at it again this time Throwing shots at Future. During Mill’s set at the “Made in America” concert series he told his Dj to quit playing Future and start playing some Hip Hop, as if that wasn’t enough shade at Future who’s clearly a hip hop artist, that does has cross over hits, he also told his dj to stop playing Future & play something hot?

Fans across the board have been feeling futures latest project “Dirty Sprite 2” in which Meek’s Victorious nemesis “Drake” is featured and has tweeted out the album, unlike the Dream Chasers sophomore album, which made Meek speak out and eventually take a serious of loses in the hip hop community.

Could the Drake tweet of “DS2” be the source of Meek Mill’s anger dislike of Future, is it because maybe Future, who is featured on “Dreams Worth More than Money” album tweet out the album as well, or maybe the “Tap Out” Million Dollar P*$$Y chorus was about girl friend Nicki Minaj or something much bigger, or pettier. Maybe Meek is looking for a battle he could possibly win lyrical wise with Future. Lets see how this goes, & check out the video clip below.


Is Dj Khaled being a bit corny in his New Single “Hold You down” ft. All Star R & B Line Up


Dj Khaled is known for putting out the hottest, unthinkable collabs, such as “I’m on 1,” “I’m So Hood,” “We Taking over” and the list continues. Well, he’s also known for corny shit to such as talking all over good tracks, taking his shirt off and proposing to “Women” like Nicki Minaj on live television.

Dj Khaled finally puts it all together in this latest banger featuring the hottest R & B artist in the game right now, Future, Chris Brown, Jeremih, & August Alsina.

At the begginging of the video you actually think their will be a plot “spoiler alert” when he starts his dialogue with the video body who acts as his woman. “You smart you real Smart” “You let me hustle.” I’m expecting to see some Hype Williams shit focusing on Khaleds grind from where he may consider the “bottom” but instead we get disappointed. : (  . Especially near the 4:37 mark were he intermissions the song but check it out and be the judge.

Other then Khaled being on the song Khaled has another hit.

Is “Future” From St.Louis or Nawww!!!!

This photo tells a story about a rapper that was once in St.Louis , and had a single in heavy rotation in the 314 with Lil Boosie and St.Louis area artist Vic Damone “Check My Swag” which is one of the oldest songs I was able to find featuring the rapper on youtube .

Things that I have head about Rapper Future being from St.Louis include , him growing up here, going to Jennings Senior High, having a house in Burlington Downs, being managed by well known St.Louis artist manager Guccio, and him stealing his rap name Future from a St.Louis based Rap group called “Da Camp.”

After hours of search engine entries the only thing that popped up was concert information, making me believe that either, he has no ties to St.Louis, or that he doesn’t believe his time here was at all important to his career.

After finding nothing on Google, Bing, yahoo, etc I took my search to facebook, getting some of the same contestant answers, and some answers that made more sense then others being tossed around in the past.

Future was not born, nor raised in St.Louis, and he didn’t attend any school during his time in St.Louis. According to many links, interviews, articles, Future received his name by Iconic Southern Hip Hop’s Dungeon Family, while also going by the name of Meathead , which may discredit another rumor that he stole his rap name from “Future Ali” of St.Louis Rap Group “Da Camp.” They believe he adopted the name some time during their stay in Atlanta as openers on Nelly’s Seat / Suit Tour.

While in St.Louis he had a situation with Guccio , and recorded at a few studios in St.Louis including Notifi Studio’s. Me personally I don’t know the specifics of the situation Future had with Guccio ( Management, investor, mentor, etc). He recorded tracks with acts associated with Guccio including Vic Damome & Laudie on the Track, and took very few surfaced pictures.

The photo seen here is from 2006, the same year the Rapper had an arrested for reasons unknown, and was locked for for time unknown.

Hope this helps some one, if / as more info come in expect updates, feel free to click on photo and comment on facebook.