“We Be In the City” Concert Documentary/Recap starring Young Dro filmed by @JayyWills

For the few that missed out Young Dro invaded the Central Illinois late March to one of Springfields most premier night spots the “Wet Bar” performing all of hits including his debut single “Shoulder Lean,” “Aint I” remix even paying respect to Yung La letting his verse play, as he warms up the crowd, then spits his verse acapella , FDB after doing a short skit about a chick that didn’t want to take a photo with him #KingPetty. Since he likes photos of course he stuck around to take photos with the fans & briefly speak with opener “Ya Boy Nic” who traveled from St.Louis for the opportunity. Check out the 7 minute recap below.

Young Ma says she was unaware December Concert in St.Louis

young-ma“They Don’t Want Me to Win” is what the “Ooouuu”rapper said before announcing that her performance at the Pageant was the 1st time she was aware that she was suppose to be in St.Louis. In December of last year Young Ma & the promoters of the event in question to a lot of heat, jokes, and speculation of who got played, and what was what moving forward. After seeing  no signs of the the December  on her Instagram & being booked out of the country it seems almost apparent that she was telling the truth.

Standing side by side with Young Ma, St.Louis promoter Nelly Da Celeb seems to redeem himself after his B Day party featuring Young Ma turned into a viral roasting of the promoter & artist.

Footage provided by Femme Flicks of St.Louis, MO.

J.Holiday stops concert & tells St.Louis crowd “Stop Being N*GG*S”

J HolidayHoliday was booked at the Rustic Goat in St.Louis were something not caught on this video causes J. Holiday to abruptly stop the concert and tell the crowd to quit being Niggas, while the crowd fires back saying things such as this Nigga must not know were he’s at, & telling the “Suffocate” artist that he was tripping,” he shortly then after started his set again with out further captured incident. Video captured by Femme Flicks watch it below.

After a string of hits from 2007 – 2009 J Holiday, faded to the background because of record label issues. After dropping his 3rd EP in 2014 to low sales, but great reviews, things were slow but go for the D.C native doing smaller venues then when “Bed” Peaked at 5 on the Billboard.

4th Annual Refuse to Lose to Lose Charity Fashion Show “Recap & Highlights”

11900022_10153517999300040_7561199214038577721_nThe Refuse to Lose foundation created under the wings of the North County Falcons Athletic Association, is a charity that creates scholarship opportunities for children to play competitive sports as well as proved scholarships for young adults in unaccredited schools in the St.Louis area.

11949707_10153543246290040_137459623_nThe organization held its 4th annual Refuse to Lose Charity event at popular restaurant / venue Joe Bucks Downtown August 22nd in downtown St.Louis. This event with so many people in attendance left some standing with the larger than expected turn out which was credited to the support of the entertainment, vendors, and clothing brands on hand which including Hashtag Clothing, Painted Profit & Amays Mi Designs, with Lady Bling Supplying all the jewerly to the models in the show. Modeling the various brands included models Ashley Cobb,Jolon Sanders, and female hip hop artist Rinaa Phoenix to name a few, and entertainment included hip hop artist Young Sic, Rip James, comedian Precious J, and R & B artists Tie Tailor, and Alli Mays who was also the host of the evenings event, with Dj N Sayne as the official Dj.11910667_1035783283107346_1495745196_n

The modest event coordinators Shaunna Roth, & Tiara Robinson  were please and caught off guard by the turn out & success of the evenings event & wanted to send thanks to everyone mentioned above as well as all models, and entertainers not mentioned above, every vendor including Mary K, Lady L, Monroe Shoetique & more every clothing venture involved, anyone who purchased a ticket or supported in anyway and a special thanks to Jp Ceo with Unheard Media with there live steaming efforts which allowed the event to be viewed by 1000’s across the world in real time via http://unheardmedia.biz/ .

Every contribution goes a long way and will help the Refuse to Lose Foundation and its parent organization the North County Falcons for more on the Falcons head to their website click here.

BIg Heff (@BIGHEFF) giving big opportunity in St.Louis

The Back Drop to the Big Heff Industry Tour at Studio 618


With so many artist events happening at the same time in St.Louis, Studio 618 was in fire Nov. 20th with special guest, Vice President of the Nerve Djs, and current Def Jam scout Big Heff. The crowd consisted if artist from different parts of the Midwest including Cleveland,Ohio Springfield,Illinois, and of course the 314 & 618 was in the building.

By the end of the night Big Heff heard a total of 12 acts inviting 3 to perform in Kansas City,Mo the following day, plus giving the same artist placements on top hip hop site Allhiphop.com, the artist he chose from the talented bunch included St.Louis rap group/labels Cash Zone Ent, DBC Ent and Springfield,Illinois artist Deezy the Paper Boy.

Newest Member of the Nerve Dj Fam Dj Style and VP of Nerve Djs Big Heff

Newest Member of the Nerve Dj Fam Dj Style and VP of Nerve Djs Big Heff


Overall Big Heff was impressed by most acts in the building. Only negative note was that many artist lacked promo material (cds, fliers, merchandise), a few artist where nervous to network with new faces, and artist getting to the venue late. Big Heff is expected back in St.Louis Late February early March and is likely to return to Studio 618.

VirDikO (@VirDiKO) Midwest Music Conference in Cincinnati



Mr.Brown Swagger Photo Bombs Photo During His Performance

November 9th 2014 went down in history as Virdiko Global Music Promotion company launched its 1st Midwest Music conference in Cincinnati, Ohio with the help of Mic Check Radio, leaders of the Virdiko Midwest campaign.

The conference included djs, and artist from across the Midwest, and was headlined by Dallas artist Mr.Go Get it. Other cities represented included St.Louis, East Saint Louis, Chicago, Dayton, Cleveland, and Nyc, to name a few.


Click photo for more photo’s from event.

The event had a surprise host as Dj Whobeta took over, and broke the ice. Revealing how his name chose him, and why he’s no longer on 89.5 the Wave#Ferguson after 4 years, and urged all in attendance to finish school or get a trade to help further invest in their craft,like rappers Rick Rosswho was a corrections officer believe it or not, and Plies whos actually a nurse.

Other notable speakers included Dj Lavish of Strictly Hip Hop Fm Wazu of Peoria, Ill. Award winning Dj Ball of the Nerve djs, DJ Bruno, & Dj Ballard to name a few.

Performances included headliner Mr.Go Get it from Dallas, Texas St.Louis acts Hot Spitta and World Tremier, Deep Thawt of Cincinnati, and Mr.Brown Swagger who stole the show and the photo with his photo bomb performance.

Check out the rest of the photo’s of November 9th right here by clicking here.

Once all festivities were done most came together for one more photo, in remembrance of Mike Brown, who was murdered by a Ferguson Policeman August 9,2014.

hands up

Shout out to Mr.5th, Virdiko Global Music Promotion and Mic Check Radio / Magazine for putting together an event where the Midwest could come together under 1 roof.






Moments in Joplin and K Stylis (@Kstylis) Twerk Party at XO’s


Where are all the people, we asked at 6pm as well drove into Joplin,Mo which is most known for being one of the bigger cities on the Historic Route 66 National Highway.Going to the mall and through different parts of town Joplin appeared to be a ghost town.

After walking on main street for about 15 minutes, we finally discovered people outside of a Christian Bar (for those who never heard of a Christian bar, they sell coffee, hot chocolate, and probably milk and cookies in a bar setting). While talking with these good people, they gave us, not only hope that their where people in Joplin, but also shared with us 2 mini bottles of Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey, and an uneaten cheese burger, eaten by rapper Mr.Brown Swagger. After photo’s and tips on where to eat and possibly find more people we u turned back towards our car with greater confidence, but not that much greater.

ppWhile walking back on main street we took photo’s with mainy historic items including an off track train and possibly the last pay phone left.

Once back to the car we went to sound check, where even more people where already there and very friendly, the club was amazing with a dance cage, flat screens, stripper pole in the Vip section, and an outside patio, and other details I may be forgetting, but dope venue.

1010486_10204142276391553_4559652158479015309_nAfter appearing for sound check when ended up venturing out once more looking for something to eat just to 10 minutes head 2 doors down to a neighboring bar that sold fresh hot pizza, quickly, & after finishing the our pan headed back inside the club where their where now even more people and a diverse crowd that included blacks, whites, old, young (but 21), rockers, and more.

After an hour or so in the club opening act for K Stylis, Young FE from St.Louis, MO took the stage and performed so well that after his performance he received many free drinks that didn’t kill him & a decent amount of photo request and now a greater presence on social media sites.

Another opening highlight was East Saint Louis,Ill artist Mr.Brown Swagga, who’s performance had several people coming to me telling me that he’s going to take it to the next level some day. He received offstage praise similar to that of Young Fe.

bdLast act to hit the stage before the King of Twerk, was self proclaimed King of Turn up and host of the event rap artist Blakc Dude, who is originally from St.Louis,MO. During his performance he gave many shout outs to his old stumping grounds in the 314, and closed his set with a very catchy yet selfish track “It’s all about me” and was clearly a home town favorite as people gathered all around him reciting words and dancing along, it was almost as if he was the headliner until….

Once K Stylis got on stage they closed the doors of the club for the first time that night, not allowing new entries, as everybody from the club, including bar tenders, door person security, etc made their way to the dance floor to see some perfectly executed twerk skills, and other not so successful efforts, while K Stylis continued an onslaught of twerk tracks back to back to back. Including his biggest hit Booty me Down, and his 1st track ever “Work that Monkey.”

cudaAs K Stylis closed his set he ended up closing out with the Shmoney Dance for about 2 1/2 minutes before hitting Vip and taking photo’s with most fans who asked and had a working camera.

Leaving out of the club 2 guys literally tip toed down the street chasing each other wasted and then laughed at another drunk guy who was stumbling to his car, they eventually stumbled out of my site as other peaceful drunks appeared and joked off the appearance of a 2 or 3 people as they exited XO’s.

S/o to Joplin where I didn’t see a single homeless person, no one fought, and everybody had a good time. Joplin = fun if you can find out where the people are.

“The Dizzy & Jarren Show” (@Dizzywright / @JarrenBenton) concert Review

Funk Volumes, Dizzy and Jarren Show was one to remember from the time I walked to the door to the very end.



I remember being told that it started at 8pm, and arriving at 9 Pm assuming that I wouldn’t miss a thing. By the time I entered the Ready Room Jarren Benton was already on stage and seem to be there a while. The crowd of about 200 people, were full of energy, and about 30-50 people were even allowed to hit the stage and rock out during his set, (which is something I’ve never seen before btw). dizz

After Jarren Benton’s set, there was about a 30 minute interlude. Some suggested back stage action or what ever, none of my business. With St.Louis’s unique taste in music the Dj bounced around from genre to genre, in a hit or miss fashion trying to capture the vibe of the crowd ultimately getting it right, with a mixture of Waka Flocka Flame, Mgk, and Lil John to say the least.

Once Dizzy Wright hit the stage the crowd was on 10, as he wore a U.S flag designed shirt, in honor of the 13th anniversary of 9/11. His set consisted of several mosh pits, that his security team didn’t seem to thrilled with an a couple of crowd awesome crowd surfs that at one time looked like a crowd walk.10671237_10203886367233984_594479196385725627_n

Overall for this to be my 1st Funk Volume concert it was an experience full of 1st, and people looking to have fun. They had dope merchandise on sell as well. As far as who had the crowd more on their feet, you’ll have to tweet me @Whobeta .Events


This show, made possible by Wasted Potential is part of a bigger series of concerts they are bringing to the Ready Room in September which includes TDE’s Ab_Soul with special guest Bas September 24th, and Big Krit in October for info on any of these shows or more on wasted potential head to their website  http://wastedpotentialpresents.com .