Is Khalid in the Sunken Place during Hit Music Video “Location” #PrayforKhalid

Khalid an Arabic word meaning eternal, or endless, is the name of popular African- American singer off the endlessly played hit record “Location.” The song made popular after Kylie Jenner (whose family appears to have a consistent and unique method of breaking down men) played the then uncharted record on her SnapChat.

 Directed by @alex_dimarco, in the 1st 21 seconds you see an seemingly unintentional confederate flag hanging on the driver side of his Ford Mustang. Possibly unintentionally,  because throughout the remainder of the video you see an American Flag either on the side of the car or on his back. The Confederate flag is, & isn’t a big deal, considering he represents the south by way of El Paso, Texas, its understandable that maybe the flag represents more then the oppression & opposition to the freedom of his fore- parents, but even so why hide it after the 1st 3 seconds. Even more so as the son of an armed forces veteran, wouldn’t representing any fallen enemies flag be disrespectful to someone who fights for our country? Either way the subliminal of the Confederate Flag mini feature puzzles me.

Further more, in the video one thing that had less video time then the Confederate flag, was any women dark as him, or of  “African- American” decent, or any other origin other then European, as he parades around the dessert with the American Flag across his back, which furthers my concern for the “Location” singer, who has stated to be inspired by India Arie & Kendrick Lamar as influences.

Who is controlling Khalid? Do I honestly believe that a 19 year old African- American Urban / Pop Singer, with a hit record couldn’t find a single “Black” girl for his video? Not even a light skinned ebony woman like most hip hop artist who are afraid of darker skinned women, but found time to find, place, then edit out an entire Confederate flag. When Khalid has kids possibly daughters & they (who will be at least partially African- American because he is) don’t see woman who reflect their potential likeliness, in the video that made their father famous, will they feel inadequate to the images in their father’s 1st video?

Who’s controlling Khalid? Is there a power steering the hip hop influenced African- American singer, away from from the mirror, is this what the “American Teen” singer have to do in order to be successful, or does Khalid just not find black women, urban culture, and history cool any more now that he has money? We all love the song but be sure to follow the brother as he may be trying to “Get Out.”


Lil Scrappy about to fight while waiting for Ride in Dayton, Ohio


Love & Hip Hop star was left stranded momentarily in Dayton, Ohio this morning (Sept. 20th) after a club appearance, when words were exchanged and the “Head Busta” rapper nearly approach each other before security intervene. Scrappy was waiting on his ride for at least 5 minutes during the situation.

Tinashe (@Tinashe) announces her Sophomore Album “Joy Ride”

Maino (@mainohustlehard) talks new project K.O.B. 3 addresses possible affairs & more with @whobeta

MainoMaino, One of Hip Hop’s most consistent underdogs dropped the 3rd installment to K.O.B 3 mid August with good reviews. Recently speaking with he briefly discusses features and reviews of the new King of Brooklyn project, the state of Nyc hip hop in mainstream, & even touches on rumored affairs with the wife of NBA All Star Carmello Anthony. Check out the interview below and be sure to download Maino’s K.O.B. 3 link available here.

50 Cent Meets in Ferguson #GUNIT

50 CentAs a true fan of hip hop it was an honor to meet the creator of 3 of hip hops most influential albums, and the leader of the super group, label, & more G Unit. Curtis Jackson bka as 50 Cent made his way to North St.Louis County during a bottle signing for Effen Vodka at A-1 Liquor Ferguson, Mo.

With his consistent feud with MMG it would have been interesting to here his take on the Meek Mill vs Drake feud, & if he felt partially responsible for the declined interest in artist Rick Ross, being responsible for others decline in hip hop most notable JaRule & the entire Murder Inc.

100’s people, young & old, white, black, Asian, rappers, clothing designers, fans, and those who just want to #*Ck a celebrity, came out for this once in a lifetime opportunity, including somebodies grandma who was confident about leaving with 50 & his Effen crew.

Kendrick Lamar – “For Free?” (Interlude) *Official Video* #TPAB

Kendrick-Lamar-640x402Out the blue, Kendrick Lamar gives us new deep rooted yet confusing visuals to “For Free” (Interlude) off the Gold selling ‘To Pimp a Butterfly’ One of my favorite songs off the album, some one tweets me the meaning of this video @whobeta .

The Weeknd – Can’t Feel My Face (Official Video)

The_Weeknd_-_Can't_Feel_My_Face_single_artworkHearing this song many times on the radio I never guested that it would have been “The Weeknd” who sung “I Can’t Feel My Face” the video makes it apparent that this is an unnatural attempt to crossover to pop. The 1 scene boring video makes it hard to like this fun Bruno Mars sounding track and only gets interesting near the end. To sum it it, I kinda like the song, surprised it was the “Weeknd” until I realized the song was about drugs. Doesn’t have that dark, danger magic that most Weeknd tracks have. And, the video sucks mostly. Don’t hesitate to disagree let me know twitter / ig @whobeta .

Hitman Holla (@hitmanholla) Says Cassidy turned down $100K battle (Freestyle) also mentions Bet & more


Hitman Holla apparently had a lot on his mind these last couple of weeks as he drops a new untitled freestyle with . During the Freestyle of course he had bars but he had somethings to get off his chest including battle legend “Cassidy” rumored to have turned down $100,000 to go a few rounds with  St.Louis’s own legend, & he also speaks on B.E.T  black ball, Funk Flex, & more enough reading check out the video below.

Behind the Scenes Photo’s (@_OfficialJR) X Trey Songz “Best Friend” Video

11755777_1080969621942687_3069493488578503365_nJ.R. and company gives us great behind the scene footage from the official pool party video shoot for the his summer sizzling record “Best Friend” with Trey Songs. Take a glimpse & expect the official video soon. Even Trey Songz posted a photo from the video shoot party to his verified Facebook account found here. If you haven’t yet heard “Best Friends” click here & remember where you heard it 1st.

Drake – Charged Up (Meek Mills Diss)

Drake-Meek-Mill-Charged-Up-Memes-2-557x560Days after Meek Mill broke the internet with accusations of Drake not writing his own Rhymes, Drake fired back with “Charged Up” where he speaks on his position in the game, and speaks briefly on situations with Nicki Minaj, his deal with apple, and not signing a deal with tidal. Click here for track, most YouTube & Sound Cloud links where taken down, Click Here.