Forbes 2018 Hip Hop Cash King List Who’s In, Who’s New, who’s out

Nas.jpgForbes annual Hip Hop cash ling list was released earlier this month & as no surprise you can guess at least 3 familar faces moguls Jay Z, Diddy, & Dre with Jay Z sitting on top of the list with 76.5 million made last year. Noticably missing this year is Cash Moneys Brian “Birdman” Williams & Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. As a surprise to many Nas made the list for the 1st time after dropping his debut album Illmatic more than 2 decades ago, racking in over $35,000,000 which is a lot but still puts him only at 6 on this list putting him under a rapper J. Cole who looks up to Nas a lot.

Just for disclaimer this list shows Forbeshow much these rappers made or were worth it doesn’t mean they get to keep all the money they make (taxes, management, housing, etc). Food for thought, but hip hop lets continue to get this money, all of it.

Who yall expect to make the list next year, tell me, hit me on Ig or tweet me both @Whobeta.

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