Moments in Joplin and K Stylis (@Kstylis) Twerk Party at XO’s


Where are all the people, we asked at 6pm as well drove into Joplin,Mo which is most known for being one of the bigger cities on the Historic Route 66 National Highway.Going to the mall and through different parts of town Joplin appeared to be a ghost town.

After walking on main street for about 15 minutes, we finally discovered people outside of a Christian Bar (for those who never heard of a Christian bar, they sell coffee, hot chocolate, and probably milk and cookies in a bar setting). While talking with these good people, they gave us, not only hope that their where people in Joplin, but also shared with us 2 mini bottles of Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey, and an uneaten cheese burger, eaten by rapper Mr.Brown Swagger. After photo’s and tips on where to eat and possibly find more people we u turned back towards our car with greater confidence, but not that much greater.

ppWhile walking back on main street we took photo’s with mainy historic items including an off track train and possibly the last pay phone left.

Once back to the car we went to sound check, where even more people where already there and very friendly, the club was amazing with a dance cage, flat screens, stripper pole in the Vip section, and an outside patio, and other details I may be forgetting, but dope venue.

1010486_10204142276391553_4559652158479015309_nAfter appearing for sound check when ended up venturing out once more looking for something to eat just to 10 minutes head 2 doors down to a neighboring bar that sold fresh hot pizza, quickly, & after finishing the our pan headed back inside the club where their where now even more people and a diverse crowd that included blacks, whites, old, young (but 21), rockers, and more.

After an hour or so in the club opening act for K Stylis, Young FE from St.Louis, MO took the stage and performed so well that after his performance he received many free drinks that didn’t kill him & a decent amount of photo request and now a greater presence on social media sites.

Another opening highlight was East Saint Louis,Ill artist Mr.Brown Swagga, who’s performance had several people coming to me telling me that he’s going to take it to the next level some day. He received offstage praise similar to that of Young Fe.

bdLast act to hit the stage before the King of Twerk, was self proclaimed King of Turn up and host of the event rap artist Blakc Dude, who is originally from St.Louis,MO. During his performance he gave many shout outs to his old stumping grounds in the 314, and closed his set with a very catchy yet selfish track “It’s all about me” and was clearly a home town favorite as people gathered all around him reciting words and dancing along, it was almost as if he was the headliner until….

Once K Stylis got on stage they closed the doors of the club for the first time that night, not allowing new entries, as everybody from the club, including bar tenders, door person security, etc made their way to the dance floor to see some perfectly executed twerk skills, and other not so successful efforts, while K Stylis continued an onslaught of twerk tracks back to back to back. Including his biggest hit Booty me Down, and his 1st track ever “Work that Monkey.”

cudaAs K Stylis closed his set he ended up closing out with the Shmoney Dance for about 2 1/2 minutes before hitting Vip and taking photo’s with most fans who asked and had a working camera.

Leaving out of the club 2 guys literally tip toed down the street chasing each other wasted and then laughed at another drunk guy who was stumbling to his car, they eventually stumbled out of my site as other peaceful drunks appeared and joked off the appearance of a 2 or 3 people as they exited XO’s.

S/o to Joplin where I didn’t see a single homeless person, no one fought, and everybody had a good time. Joplin = fun if you can find out where the people are.

Artist Road Trip to Joplin for K Styles Concert October 17th

October 17th Dj Whobeta will be hitting Joplin, Mo for Ville Boy Ent ‘s Twerk Party and concert starring King of Twerk K Styles, and hosted by Blakc Dude at Club XO. 4 performance slot’s are currently available for more info or to reserve your ticket and seat text 3146296404