Johnny Ca$h (@KutTheCheck) LV Whoppa x SHOOT (ShotBy BigLee Isithiphop)

RRMG short for Rich and Reckless Money Gang, is a hip hop group out of Des Moines Iowa who released a new video on March 1st, final month of the 1st quarter titled, “Shoot.” With in hours on youtube the video,(Shot by Big Lee is it Hip Hop) had over 10 likes on youtube and several views.The track itself is a simple yet fun Dj Mustard style beat with with a message sung through out the song that the team has many shooters.

10888745_10205102272710861_7391491621412436824_nCheck out the new song love March 7th in Ames Iowa, as part of the Broke & Famous Tour starring Wyte Music Artist and Hot 107.1 Radio Personality Miscellaneous. For more info on this show text 3146296404.

VirDikO (@VirDiKO) Midwest Music Conference in Cincinnati



Mr.Brown Swagger Photo Bombs Photo During His Performance

November 9th 2014 went down in history as Virdiko Global Music Promotion company launched its 1st Midwest Music conference in Cincinnati, Ohio with the help of Mic Check Radio, leaders of the Virdiko Midwest campaign.

The conference included djs, and artist from across the Midwest, and was headlined by Dallas artist Mr.Go Get it. Other cities represented included St.Louis, East Saint Louis, Chicago, Dayton, Cleveland, and Nyc, to name a few.


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The event had a surprise host as Dj Whobeta took over, and broke the ice. Revealing how his name chose him, and why he’s no longer on 89.5 the Wave#Ferguson after 4 years, and urged all in attendance to finish school or get a trade to help further invest in their craft,like rappers Rick Rosswho was a corrections officer believe it or not, and Plies whos actually a nurse.

Other notable speakers included Dj Lavish of Strictly Hip Hop Fm Wazu of Peoria, Ill. Award winning Dj Ball of the Nerve djs, DJ Bruno, & Dj Ballard to name a few.

Performances included headliner Mr.Go Get it from Dallas, Texas St.Louis acts Hot Spitta and World Tremier, Deep Thawt of Cincinnati, and Mr.Brown Swagger who stole the show and the photo with his photo bomb performance.

Check out the rest of the photo’s of November 9th right here by clicking here.

Once all festivities were done most came together for one more photo, in remembrance of Mike Brown, who was murdered by a Ferguson Policeman August 9,2014.

hands up

Shout out to Mr.5th, Virdiko Global Music Promotion and Mic Check Radio / Magazine for putting together an event where the Midwest could come together under 1 roof.






J Cole ( @JColeNC ) Surprise Visit to Ground Zero in Ferguson to pay respect to #MIKEBROWN

Since the murder of 18 year old Mike Brown 8-9-14 in Ferguson, St.Louis has seen a slew of support and announced visits from across the African American spectrum, from legendary activist Al Sharper,Jesse Jackson, to black celebrities and artist such as Jeezy, Ricky Smiley and more, & to politicians who represent us that we never see including Governor Jay Nixon, and Senator Claire Macaskill. Each,in their own way stealing a glimpse of the spotlight to show that they care.




While not being on twitter since August 15th when he released “Be Free” dedicated to Micheal Brown, and any other victim of police brutality, not being on Ig in forever, the rapper who dropped back to back number 1 Billboard Albums, attempted to sneak in to St.Louis un noticed, unannounced, to genuinely pay respect and show support for justice in light of his murder.

Photo Credit Rich Vision Media.

Photo Credit Rich Vision Media. (Click photo to here tribute song)