DBC will Be Performing 1-24-15 Midwest Best $1000 Showcase Studio 618

DBC Entertainment, meaning different by choice, will be performing at the Midwest Best $1000 Showcase January 24th at Studio 618. This is the groups second performance at Studio 618 during their 1st performance back in 2014 they were offered an opportunity to perform in other cities, as well as offered placements on top hip hop sites including Allhiphop.com . Come out and support them to see whats in store for their biggest show so far of 2015.

For more info on how to sign up for the Midwest Best $1000 Showcase contact @whobeta via text preferably 3146296404.

Check out DBC’s “Problems” Video right now on Youtube or below.

BIg Heff (@BIGHEFF) giving big opportunity in St.Louis

The Back Drop to the Big Heff Industry Tour at Studio 618


With so many artist events happening at the same time in St.Louis, Studio 618 was in fire Nov. 20th with special guest, Vice President of the Nerve Djs, and current Def Jam scout Big Heff. The crowd consisted if artist from different parts of the Midwest including Cleveland,Ohio Springfield,Illinois, and of course the 314 & 618 was in the building.

By the end of the night Big Heff heard a total of 12 acts inviting 3 to perform in Kansas City,Mo the following day, plus giving the same artist placements on top hip hop site Allhiphop.com, the artist he chose from the talented bunch included St.Louis rap group/labels Cash Zone Ent, DBC Ent and Springfield,Illinois artist Deezy the Paper Boy.

Newest Member of the Nerve Dj Fam Dj Style and VP of Nerve Djs Big Heff

Newest Member of the Nerve Dj Fam Dj Style and VP of Nerve Djs Big Heff


Overall Big Heff was impressed by most acts in the building. Only negative note was that many artist lacked promo material (cds, fliers, merchandise), a few artist where nervous to network with new faces, and artist getting to the venue late. Big Heff is expected back in St.Louis Late February early March and is likely to return to Studio 618.