Midwest Best 5th $1000 Showcase July 18 th Studio 618 #MWB5 by @whobeta

MWB5One of the biggest artist showcases in the St.Louis metro area is coming back July 18th. The Midwest Best $1000 showcase returns 7-18-15 to Studio 618 with Peoria,Illinois premier radio disc jockey and radio personality Dj Lavish on the 1’s & 2’s and St.Louis hip hop artist and community thot K Twice hosting. For more info, to perform, sponsor,model,open up, attend, etc please contact @whobeta twitter / Ig or text 3146296404.

Past winners include:

MWB1 Winners: Donesty & 2 Turnt


MWB2 Winners: T Prince & Young Swurvie


MWB3 Winner: Yung Fe the Messenger


MWB4 Winners: Deezy the Paper Boy and 100 Fam Ent (Unofficial winner Karma Blo)


Official Winners of #MWB4 100 Fam Ent and Deezy Da Paper Boy (@deezydapaperboy)

January 24th marked the day of the 4th Midwest Best $1000 showcase at Studio 618 with artist from across America meeting up all in East St.Louis. Some artist came from as far west as East L.A. ( Hard Head of Hard Head Productions), as far south as Dallas, Texas, (Mr.Go Get it, & Curtis Mayz), as far north as Hamond Indiana (Liv Free and company), and as far east as Dayton, Ohio (Biggs, and T. Hunt), and  parts in between.


With over 20 acts total competing for a cash prize of $1000 the competition gets heated and there can only be 2 official winners, and after about 5 minutes of deliberation judges chose Deezy the Paper Boy to be the official judges choice for the Midwest Best $1000 showcase walking away with at least $500.00. A decision that many in the crowd agreed with even before the announcement, with many artist saying through out the night they believe he had it. This was the 1st time some one outside of St.Louis won either half of the Midwest Best Showcase, which may open the door for other out of town artist to have the confidence to bring bucks back to their city.

Another 1st came when it was time to announce the artist who brought the most people, 100 Fam Ent won the peoples choice with over 20 people in the crowd, but, as we announced the winner no one with 100 Fam Ent was in the building to represent. Making this the first time we were attempting to give money to artist that weren’t there. With them missing their time slot earlier that night (many were wanting them disqualified) and not being there to claim their cash prize, a compromise was made to find them at a later date and announce their winnings, and splitting the winnings with artist with the second most people in the building, who had a few less than 20 people in the building Karma Blo, of Black and Legally Owned Music Group. 10-15 minutes after announcing the winnings 100 Fam Ent reappeared and received  their winnings, with other promotional prizes added.

with all of these new 1st happening that made this quarters Midwest Best the weirdest Midwest Best ever with maybe weirder ones to come.

BIg Heff (@BIGHEFF) giving big opportunity in St.Louis

The Back Drop to the Big Heff Industry Tour at Studio 618


With so many artist events happening at the same time in St.Louis, Studio 618 was in fire Nov. 20th with special guest, Vice President of the Nerve Djs, and current Def Jam scout Big Heff. The crowd consisted if artist from different parts of the Midwest including Cleveland,Ohio Springfield,Illinois, and of course the 314 & 618 was in the building.

By the end of the night Big Heff heard a total of 12 acts inviting 3 to perform in Kansas City,Mo the following day, plus giving the same artist placements on top hip hop site Allhiphop.com, the artist he chose from the talented bunch included St.Louis rap group/labels Cash Zone Ent, DBC Ent and Springfield,Illinois artist Deezy the Paper Boy.

Newest Member of the Nerve Dj Fam Dj Style and VP of Nerve Djs Big Heff

Newest Member of the Nerve Dj Fam Dj Style and VP of Nerve Djs Big Heff


Overall Big Heff was impressed by most acts in the building. Only negative note was that many artist lacked promo material (cds, fliers, merchandise), a few artist where nervous to network with new faces, and artist getting to the venue late. Big Heff is expected back in St.Louis Late February early March and is likely to return to Studio 618.