Meek Mill is out of shape but will fight Drake for 5 Million wants Nicki Minaj to be Ring Girl

After breaking up with Hip hops 1st lady Nicki Minaj Meek Mill has been falling & crying out for help. With nothing to lose in a newly released video Mill reveals hes out of shape but will beat up Drizzy for $5,000,000 (5 Million Dollars) & jokes about Nicki (Minaj) being the ring girl. Check it out below.

Rick Ross Warns artist about scammers using MMG’s name for profit

In a thread of Snap Chat videos Rick Ross stops his work out routine conveniently to address scam artist who are telling artist they will meet MMG management & possibly Rick Ross after they send money via green dot. Never green dot strangers, cross reference all connects, & do your research.

Beanie Sigel (@BeanieSigelSP) Levels up with “Gang Gang” Video {Meek Mill Diss}

After an over repetitive death threat of a diss record “Im Coming” & the father son narrative of “Good Night” Meek Mill’s has now officially 2 club records inspired by the(Dream Chaser), with Beanie Sigels “Gang Gang.” The repetitive hook, beat, & og swag and confidence” I can see Beans back on the charts if just for a moment with this one. Just like the other diss records hes still sending 20 + death threat lines to Mill, but like Drake, hes made it fun, & that’s what matters. Meek Mill he’s 3 disses in….we waiting…. Check Out Beanies “Gang Gang” video below.

Meek Mills Fires Shots at Future during his set at “Made in America” concert in Philly

meek-millMeek Mill is at it again this time Throwing shots at Future. During Mill’s set at the “Made in America” concert series he told his Dj to quit playing Future and start playing some Hip Hop, as if that wasn’t enough shade at Future who’s clearly a hip hop artist, that does has cross over hits, he also told his dj to stop playing Future & play something hot?

Fans across the board have been feeling futures latest project “Dirty Sprite 2” in which Meek’s Victorious nemesis “Drake” is featured and has tweeted out the album, unlike the Dream Chasers sophomore album, which made Meek speak out and eventually take a serious of loses in the hip hop community.

Could the Drake tweet of “DS2” be the source of Meek Mill’s anger dislike of Future, is it because maybe Future, who is featured on “Dreams Worth More than Money” album tweet out the album as well, or maybe the “Tap Out” Million Dollar P*$$Y chorus was about girl friend Nicki Minaj or something much bigger, or pettier. Maybe Meek is looking for a battle he could possibly win lyrical wise with Future. Lets see how this goes, & check out the video clip below.


Meek Mills has not tweeted label mate Gun Plays (@GUNPLAYMMG) album (Ain’t that why he’s mad at Drake)

GPIt took more than 4 days for Meek Mill to respond to respond to Drakes “Charged Up” & finisher “Back to Back.” In a heated battle that started on twitter by Mills because of the “Take Care” rapper didn’t tweet MillsDreams worth more then Money” project . He also got into a minor back in forth with MMG label mate Wale for not doing the same thing.

With this being a big issue for Meek you would think he would support his label mate “Gun Play” who’s debut album “Living Legend” dropped July 31st, 2 days after Meek Mill’s last post on twitter.

Dream Chasers might say maybe he just ain’t been online, but Meek has made countless post on social sites including Instagram posting pics of cleaning his teeth, to counting money, and venting about Drake.

With so many people openly siding with Drake during this one sided brawl, besides Funk Master Flex (who’s in the same boat as Meek for the moment or maybe forever) the only other person who openly has Meek’s back can’t get a tweet of his album. “Ironic” maybe he ain’t tweet his album because Gun Play found out he has Ghost writers. Show the love Meek Mills won’t show his label mate & tweet Gun Plays new album “Living Legend” out now everywhere with appearances from Rick Ross, & more including lead single “WuzHaninDoe” with YG & Dj Mustard.

Philadelphia Eagles Side against Philly Native Meek Mill in feud with Drake

11214144_10206197580212864_7636940107893141262_nThe sports world is very competitive, and no one wants to take a loss, the Philadelphia Eagles have weighted in & according to Nj.Com the entire Philadelphia Eagles team  has sided with Young Money star instead Drake, in stead of the Philly Native. This is big being that the NFL has never chimed in on a major hip hop battle, and for the fact that Meek also loss in Drakes home town where he was boo’d through out his performance on his girls tour, hours before the “Successful” rapper dropped “Back to Back” which what is now back to back losses for Mills. 

Drake releases “Back to Back” New Meek Mills Diss

b2bDrake tweets out the new Meek Mill diss record “Back to Back” at 3:33 Am , hours after Meek Mill gets boo’d in the 6 (Toronto) while he opens up for his girl friend & Drakes label mate & frequent collaborator Nicki Minaj, in Drakes home town.

Drake called the “Dream Chaser” out on several issues including whats taking so long with the diss record, his opening up for his girlfriend, & much more. After charged up disappointed some, saying Drake could do better, it’s now obvious that Drake was holding back.

This is the 2nd confirmed diss record aimed at the MMG welterweight, from the 6 God, & 3rd overall if you consider the Daylyte track that has Drake or a sound a like going in on Uncharged.

Meek Mills has hinted several times that he was dropping a diss record both times never happened causing spectators to ask the same question Drake opened the song with. Listen in.




After bouncing back from GD threats, rape comment boycotts, losing endorsements, and several seizures Rick Ross is in the headlines again for unbosslike behavior. Click here for more