Rapper/Actor/Dancer that’s why they call him Jc Triple Threat Bio / Single (@JC_TripleThreat)

JcAt 20, JC aka Triple Threat is making huge strides already in 2017. An urban pop, Arizona based performer combines rapping, singing and acting JC has earned his name. This former football player that found a dedication to the arts after a career ending injury.

Working with Grammy nominated multi-platinum producers Young Yonni and Big Duke, this energetic entertainer is releasing records from his newest project, “The Crossover” soon to be available in all digital outlets and physical stores as a result of his distribution deal.

This collection of sound and words is filled with artistic nuances of storytelling that embraces the beauty of musical expression in multiple genres. His motivation is to bring about unique experience with each song.

The Triple Threat rides out this track with intensity and energy that you expect from a former football player and uses his passion for music as a vehicle to share positive messages, uplift those around him and create a smooth vibe that everyone can groove to.

The future for JC aka Triple Threat looks brighter and brighter.

From 3 personalities to Party of 5″ with Tripple Thr3at (@Trippl3T)

TrippppProduct of the 80’s Tripple Thr3at is an Omaha entertainer with a tripolar lifestyle where he copes with being a gangster, hustler, & gentleman, & expressing it through music. Spending most of his childhood in Minneapolis discovered his love for entertainment at a young age, when he stared as Simba in his preschools reenactment of the Disney Block Buster “Lion King” & remembers seeing tears of joy from the audience due to his performance. Tripple Thr3at continued with theater through elementary & middle school, but stopped in high school due to peer pressure, & fear of the stigma that came with being involved in Drama in an urban high school.

Trippp.jpgTripple Threat moved back to Omaha during his early teen years, were he was introduced to the street life, but was also introduced to hip hop, after one of his close friends was shot by rival gang members Tripple Thr3at responded with a freestyle that garnered decent feedback. Addicted to the attention he was getting from putting his words together, Tripple Threat began freestyling & writing everyday, even in school, & while hustling in the streets.

Living a fast & crazy life Tripple Threat dropped out of school his senior year, but evenutally got his G.E.D months later, shortly before moving back no Minnesota were he eventually was jailed for Larceny, & drug & weapon possession. Oddly enough the experience changed his life being the 1st time he opened a book, a broadened his vocabulary.He picked up several trades while in prison & developed a love for real estate.

Once out of jail he decided to turn his life around, not just for himself, but as a promise to his mother, who at the time was terminally ill.

Fast Forward 2017 Triple Thr3at is ready to release his 1st solo Ep “Party of 5” expected to drop early April. Described as “Good Ghetto Poetry” the 5 track project will include tracks for the ladies, the hommies, & those who want to hear Bars, with popular records “Paparazzi” & “James Harden” follow him everywhere.

Website: www.tripplethr3at.com

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Ricki Rich new single “Wolf Of Rap” #Audio & Bio

The lyricist Ricki Rich also known as “The Wolf of Rap” came across her talents at a very young age. Growing up on the west side of Cleveland with a father doing life in prison the streets became her go-to. In a single parent home with 4 other siblings, Ricki had to fend for herself. Years later, after making a few bad decisions, she landed herself in prison, serving a four-year sentence, where she started to put her life story into lyrics. Shortly after her release, she got together with a few producers and artists such as Lil Marv, Rello Rell, Undisputed, Berto the God, Highlife B, amongst others to help turn her dream of becoming one of the best to ever do it in Hip Hop into reality. Check out her latest singles “Pressure feat. Rello Rell”, ” Ooh lalala” and ” 90 West feat. Chris Religion” on YouTube and Soundcloud.

“Off The Rip” the story of Yung Rip (@YungRip_44)

ripYung Rip was born Marco Law August 25th in the small southern town of Prichard, Alabama. In a single parent household with 5 siblings, Yung Rip learned early that if you don’t work you don’t eat & started cutting grass, washing cars, and other odd end jobs from his preteen to teenage years .

Growing up in the era were southern hip hop became mainstream Yung Rip listened & was influenced by rap groups such as the Hot Boys, Geto Boys, & the 504 Boys, and started free styling in studio sessions at the age of 15, earning the nick name “Off the Rip” that was eventually shortened to  Yung Rip. In the effort to pay for new his hip hop hobby, stay fly, & provide for his house hold, he worked his 1st official job at the age of 16 at a local McDonalds, while attending LeFlore High school with current NBA star Demarcus Cousin. Desiring more out of life at the age of 18 Marco started selling narcotics, even getting caught with weed on campus in his senior year. Barely taking school serious, slanging, & skipping school Young Rip still managed to graduate on time. Still in the streets, & searching for direction with limited resources Yung Rip was kicked out the house & moved around from place to place. Realizing the street life wasn’t for him, and wanting to be a positive role model for his 2 nephews & niece, found another way out, getting his CDL, & driving 18 Wheelers

 As of the summer of 2016 all of Yung Rips shows have been in his home state of Alabama, including his biggest show to date in Evergreen, Alabama where he performed in front of a crowd of over 700 people. Rip is planning for his Ep debut “Rip City” expected to be released late 2016, inspired by his visions of taking over the Mobile, Alabama area. He will be a special guest judge at the Mid South Best Nov. 5th in Memphis, Tenn, as well as other potential shows in St.Louis, Springfield, & of course his hometown of Mobile, Al.

Yung Rip wants to thank Dj Infored, DJ October, & Dj Philly Loot of Doelyfe Studio, giving them credit for his early rap success & his big bro “Bank” who inspired him to take rap serious.

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Miscellaneous (@Miscdaboss) #Broke&Famous the Biography, the tour, and upcoming album

Misc 4

Growing up in the hard streets of Memphis, Tennessee Miscellaneous has had his share of hardships. From multiple arrest, being shot twice and paralyzed for 6 months, to coming from two drug addicted parents. Miscellaneous began to pit his pains, fears, and desire on paper. A gifted artist, he takes his listeners on a jorney through the life and struggles of a man with a negative past of being incarcerated and overcoming it by focusing a postive future.

misc 2After begin sign to Hypnotize Minds Artist Lil Wyte own label Wyte Music Records, appearing on Lil Wyte latest Album “Still Doubed” two tracks M.E.M.P.H.I.S. featuring Al Kapone and Lil Wyte’s MAJOR single “Sike” set Mi$c off to bigger audience. Along on tour with major artist such as Future, Lord Infamous, Juvenile, Frayser Boy, and more. He set the scene on fire with two mixtapes “Violentines Day” and “Sex, Drugs, & RAP MUZIK” with appearances by Don Trip, DJ Paul, Fiend, Drumma Boy, 6 Tre G, Project Pat, Frayser Boy, Lil Wyte, MJG.

Broke & Famous the Album, coming May 5th in Itunes, and select stores. The Broke & Famous Tour kicks off March 3rd with performances, radio, and tv appearances through out Missouri, Illinois, and Iowa. For more info on any dates, collabs, opening performance slots, or more from March 3rd to March 7th text 3146296404.