Rapper/Actor/Dancer that’s why they call him Jc Triple Threat Bio / Single (@JC_TripleThreat)

JcAt 20, JC aka Triple Threat is making huge strides already in 2017. An urban pop, Arizona based performer combines rapping, singing and acting JC has earned his name. This former football player that found a dedication to the arts after a career ending injury.

Working with Grammy nominated multi-platinum producers Young Yonni and Big Duke, this energetic entertainer is releasing records from his newest project, “The Crossover” soon to be available in all digital outlets and physical stores as a result of his distribution deal.

This collection of sound and words is filled with artistic nuances of storytelling that embraces the beauty of musical expression in multiple genres. His motivation is to bring about unique experience with each song.

The Triple Threat rides out this track with intensity and energy that you expect from a former football player and uses his passion for music as a vehicle to share positive messages, uplift those around him and create a smooth vibe that everyone can groove to.

The future for JC aka Triple Threat looks brighter and brighter.

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