Spanish Lake: A Documentary on White Flight in North St.Louis County

Growing up we moved from Grand & Gravois in St.Louis south side, to North County, at the time, during the early 90’s, our street consisted of 4 black families including us, and besides frequent routine traffic stops, crime was at a minimum.

20 years later the same street has maybe 4 white families left, and has been hit with many burglary rings, shootings, and evening murder.

Spanish Lake, a documentary based on the unincorporated Spanish Lake township, & surrounding municipalities, and the issues of white flight, low income housing, minorities, & crime, it is currently at the Tivoli in the U-City Loop.

This wonderful article led me to this video. I encourage those who are readers to read and dig deeper into the whys of white flight, the fear of African Americans, lack of local government to intervene with overhaul of low income housing, and more.

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