@Whobeta Announces his Top 5 Females in St.Louis Hip Hop/ R & B for 2016

Near this time of the year the argument starts about who’s the hottest in St.Louis, & why or why not who is or who isn’t hot, and many times, the females or left out, rather because of technicality, being overlooked, or just pure hating. So before the conversations start & I want to draw attention to who I believe are the hottest female artist in St.Louis in 2016. This list is based strictly & solely on what I’ve seen, observed, & research, & you might feel different, but (td.jpgJust Provide Facts and I’ll respect your opinion & possibly correct the article).

Before I start I do want to give an honorable mention & shout out to  Trixie Le’Ray, Truth Do It, & Chokolate Shake, I do feel that with the right people behind them, a game plan, and a change of personality, they could all make a million dollars in 2017, but won’t make the list today. 1 more honorable mention goes to Kelsi O who would have easily made this list, but I personally consider her an Atlanta artist now, but has worked as hard as anyone on the coming list, its like saying that the Rams are St.Louis’s team because they only been gone a few months, and they been here 20 plus years… the Rams reside in LA, & Kelsi resides in Atlanta. One final honorable mention goes to “Mo Lyric” easily currently one of the most influential females in the St.Louis hip hop right now, juggling radio & TV hosting, I think you are currently a bigger media influence right now, then a hip hop artist.

4.Bates the controversial winner of the S.L.U.M Fest artist of the year award, also known for her Critically Acclaimed project “For Colored Folk” that has been talked about from several major media outlets in St.Louis including the Riverfront Times, & Stl Home Jamz. I would personally consider her the female version of Tef Poe, being very outspoken at times, ruffling feathers in the St.Louis scene, lacking commercial appeal & even club singles she’s in an underdog position, competing against those that will make you dance, or even get naked to garner the same attention she has garnered with out doing neither. If she wants this wave to continue into next year she is going to have to expand outside of St.Louis, point blank period, her base here is as about as big as it can get & will decrease if they don’t see her go to new heights in 2016-2017. But, she made the list. Check out “For Color Folks” now.

You probably wondering why you are reading the top 5 female artist in St.Louis & the list is starting at 4, well there weren’t too many artist I could think of with the combination of a few of the following,a 2016 projects for sell, 2016 accolades, major 2016 placements, & a proper fan base to promote to, major or unique shows. If you know of any artist that fits the criteria tweet me @whobeta or Dm me on Instagram or Snap chat @Whobeta, artist with the largest response by November 1st  will get added to this list at number 5, once the list goes live on Thisis50.com in November, plus get their own feature write up. Must have over 100 fans hit me up to be considered.

3. Og Rach Always entertaining, and holding discussions on her perception of St.Louis Hip Hop, & not afraid to say whats on her mind, Og Rach is slowly turning into St.Louis’s favorite female rappers, from being the perceived  fan favorite on the highly talked about Luhiraq WhoGotNext StLCypher, to her Facebook live studio sessions & rants that go semi-viral, and her unique style that doesn’t require her to be half naked to garner attention. With the recent backing of Luh Half’s HWD Records, the presences shes building from Chicago, to St.Louis, and the surrounding markets, & the right single she could possibly be the best artist in St.Louis in 2017 period (male or female). Check out her 2016 single “Natural Born Hustler” on I Tunes now.

2. Shana Blood – I been around long enough to tell a fake movement from whats real, and with her social network activity, her videos, & interviews, I can tell that what I am seeing from the 18 year old “Catch A Body” artist is truly organic,  Shana B is definitely one of the hottest female artist in the city right now & is the self proclaimed Lou Queen. Working outside of the typical outlets that indie artist fall into, from what I can see Shana B is in her own lane as far as chosen platforms to promote & perform. She also has a few sponsors including my favorite clothing line Success Over Everything Clothing. Also, she has not only been named one of the hottest female artist from Whobeta & BetasBlock.com but benoisyneighbors.com did an interview earlier this year with the same title. Check out her 2016 release “Letters to My Yung Gunnaz” on I Tunes now.

1. Mai Lee – With the Hit Single “Low Key” being one the the most played records on Hot 104.1 , and other radio stations in surrounding markets, it goes to show you can bypass the open mics, the cyphers, etc if you have a hit record, the right people behind you, & a budget. Her affiliations with Rock House Entertainment founder Orlando Watson, & Producer Bradd Young alone gives her a head start that any other artist in the city would dream of. With the sponsorship’s, the radio partnerships, and those who can maneuver through the musical politics behind her, the hit single “Low Key” has taken her to highrt heights & platforms then any other artist mentioned, performing at this years “Hot 104.1’s Super Jam” & “Swisher Sweats Sponsored Concert” to name a few, with big things to come.Leading into the holiday season, her so “Let It Snow” remake got a lot of attention last year, & is almost guaranteed even more attention this holiday season, & a new single “Nobody” released earlier this month.Mai Lee  & her team are apparently strategically dropping these singles , and her record “Low Key” is definitely one of the hottest out right now, check it out below, & on Itunes.

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