‘The Gospel of Yung Nasti “@yungnasti” Just Gotta Make It “Official Video”

In Tulsa, Ok Nasti means, “Never Allow Someone To Intimidate,” well at least thats what it means to Yung Nasti singer,dancer, song writer, etc.

In April he released his newest single “Just Gotta Make It” to YouTube and I tunes. “Just Gotta Make it” is an up temple message that I would like to describe is Gospel Pop or “Gospop” if I may.Combining the realistic temptations of a young man, with and uplifting reminder to pray, and letting your maker take you to & through your journeys this Ying and Yang balance is something that isn’t done often or as perfect as in this record.

The video it’self starts with “Harold” aka Young Nasti slacking off and work and getting fired. He comes home to his women to give her the news and as she flips out he asks her to believe in his music, and that people where looking to sign him, then they go to sleep.

Next scene they wake up to a phone call letting “Harold” know that a label was interested in his project and wanted to invest into him.

Finally 3 plus minutes into the video the actual video starts and consist of different scenes including dancing in the street, and reviewing & signing contracts, and its not clear but according to the video he makes it.

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