Ape House Mafia count their women &”Blessings” in new music video #Watchnow (@apehousemusic_)

42788.7366922569_ApehouseBLESSINGS-CVR_T1_W600_H600Straight out of T-Town better known as Tulsa, Ape House Mafia puts a spin on the throwback record “Cheers to You” from R & B group Playa, & created “Blessings” a song for the grown & sexy women all across the world. Check it out below. Parental discretion adult lyrics.

Supa (@thasupa) Announces Midwest Best 6th $1000 Appearance / Performance Nov. 14th Studio 618

SupaOne of the biggest party host & hip hop artist in Tulsa,Ok  plus owner of Grand Line Central Clothing “Supa” has announced that he will be present and will be performing November 14th for the Midwest Best 6th $1000 Showcase at Studio 618 in the St.Louis area. For more on “Tha Supa” head to his website NOW http://thasup7.wix.com/thasupa .

Milo ( @MILO_MILO_MILO_ ) I Do It Big Official Video and Song Review

Tulsa native and Midwest Money Gang artist Milo releases the visuals for “I do it Big” which is his very 1st official video ever, and was shot by Spencer Visuals.

“I Do it Big” shows the excitement of being a white kid in middle class America , filled with clips of skateboarding, bud light, and plenty of smiles. Honestly, this video has more happiness then any other hip hop affiliated video besides Pharell’s “Happy” video.

The song its self is an 808 & synthesizer type with reminiscent of past Chamillionaire, Paul Wall, and other Southern Legends. Each verse is packed with some what corny, yet whitty & catchy punch line’s such as “Pickle Pepper Rapper, No Dill / Deal ”

Overall the quality of the visuals great, which provides a break from the typical rap video filled with illegal drugs, illegal guns, people with warrants, and unhappy people. I honestly don’t believe any laws were being broken with in the 3 minutes & 59 seconds of Milo’s, I do it big.

Well done Milo you are a hip hop pioneer.

‘The Gospel of Yung Nasti “@yungnasti” Just Gotta Make It “Official Video”

In Tulsa, Ok Nasti means, “Never Allow Someone To Intimidate,” well at least thats what it means to Yung Nasti singer,dancer, song writer, etc.

In April he released his newest single “Just Gotta Make It” to YouTube and I tunes. “Just Gotta Make it” is an up temple message that I would like to describe is Gospel Pop or “Gospop” if I may.Combining the realistic temptations of a young man, with and uplifting reminder to pray, and letting your maker take you to & through your journeys this Ying and Yang balance is something that isn’t done often or as perfect as in this record.

The video it’self starts with “Harold” aka Young Nasti slacking off and work and getting fired. He comes home to his women to give her the news and as she flips out he asks her to believe in his music, and that people where looking to sign him, then they go to sleep.

Next scene they wake up to a phone call letting “Harold” know that a label was interested in his project and wanted to invest into him.

Finally 3 plus minutes into the video the actual video starts and consist of different scenes including dancing in the street, and reviewing & signing contracts, and its not clear but according to the video he makes it.

@MrYungKob3 will be performing Live May 10th @the_midwestbest @ Studio 618

Yung Kobe ffrom Tulsa, OKC will be performing live at Studio 618 May 10th for the Midwest Best. For more info or to sign up @whobeta @damoent @405vip , text 3146296404 , for more info https://whobeta.wordpress.com/2014/03/13/welivendirect-midwest-best-1000-showcase-spring-edition-may-10th/