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Chi Town rapper G!ft has one of the more unique names in hip hop & has a sound that reminds me of a young Future. He has a melodic flow and very distinct voice, which makes sense considering his early influences: Bob Marley , Future , Kid Cudi , Kanye West , and Young Buck just to name a few. The talented G!ft also has a noticeable style of dress in his visuals. This Windy City native has already received tremendous support from the East and West with an audience that continues to grow as his dream is to reach global exposure. 

This rare type of artist has a style of giving back by being vulnerable and expressive about the urban community’s struggles , the ego , pride , and how social economics affect the resources desperately needed in those impoverished communities. It takes an open mind and experience to create a sound and bars that are relatable in that realm. With admirable strength this promising artist has the intent to use his influence to create unity! Keep your attenas up for this ONE as he creates One Love! 

Smino the Hero From the Krib

Written By Contraband$

Born as Christopher Smith Jr. raised in a home of musicians influenced by jazz and instruments. With a rich bloodline & blessed as one of “Hip-Hops most refreshing Voices” by Pitchfork. St.Louis’ own Smino dropped his third studio album October 28th this past year , with collaborations from Lil Uzi Vert , Lucky Daye , J.Cole , Cruza , Doechii , and Fatman Scoop just to name a few the album has a impressive track list. Different sounds and different vibes. I heard Smino prior not recognizing that he was from the “Krib”. December 18th , 2022 shortly after the drop of the album he came home for “Kribmas”. A highly anticipated annual event held at the Stifel Theater , were proceeds went to the BlkSwn rapper’s charity the Kribmas Foundation. The album BlkSwn was deemed “40 Best Rap Albums of 2022″ by  Rolling Stone.” 

Smino is known for his sultry sound , easily transitioning from bars to vocals. The features on Luv 4 Rent are from another galaxy! The featured tracks are simply tide surfin’. Handpicked and handcrafted! Perfectly executed! He had to have created this album with the intent of giving us an escape. This album has the power to elevate your mind and yet allow you to eliminate the outside world. Smino is truly gifted and lyrically enchanting! Smino has worked with a plethora of artist in such a short time. Fans are wondering what he’s cooking next in his “kitchen” from working with Dreamville , EarthGang , Monte Booker , Jay2 , and Ravyn Lenae many fans are on edge with what’s to potentially come from this already greatly accomplished young artist. With almost 1 billion career streams Luv 4 Rent is on all streaming platforms go catch it before the next project. Wouldn’t want to end up on the other side of Zoink Gang!

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Nice To Meet Ya: Meet LuhDave

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An artist of this caliber is sometimes shard to find! Literally a needle in a haystack. To appreciate the woman is to appreciate the essence of life’s beauty and all it has to offer. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. LuhDave is the beholder and a genre of his own, from spitting bars to making the ladies quiver with his baritone vocals. The St. Louis based artist is ready to showcase his talents more focused and determined as ever as he’s picked up the mic and hung up his NFL envisioned cleats. Here’s to determination! Let’s propel him forward. Check him out here first, at the source, and home of hip-hop.

As we hear the lyrics to the single ” Nice To Meet Ya” we can hear the admiration of what the woman embodies and carries. The woman is the most valuable thing on this planet. LuhDave poetically serenades what’s to be appreciated as he encounters a woman worth appreciating with a twist of Afro- Latin sound. He emphasizes her features and womanhood!

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