Written By Contraband$

Chi Town rapper G!ft has one of the more unique names in hip hop & has a sound that reminds me of a young Future. He has a melodic flow and very distinct voice, which makes sense considering his early influences: Bob Marley , Future , Kid Cudi , Kanye West , and Young Buck just to name a few. The talented G!ft also has a noticeable style of dress in his visuals. This Windy City native has already received tremendous support from the East and West with an audience that continues to grow as his dream is to reach global exposure. 

This rare type of artist has a style of giving back by being vulnerable and expressive about the urban community’s struggles , the ego , pride , and how social economics affect the resources desperately needed in those impoverished communities. It takes an open mind and experience to create a sound and bars that are relatable in that realm. With admirable strength this promising artist has the intent to use his influence to create unity! Keep your attenas up for this ONE as he creates One Love! 


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