J Cole ( @JColeNC ) Surprise Visit to Ground Zero in Ferguson to pay respect to #MIKEBROWN

Since the murder of 18 year old Mike Brown 8-9-14 in Ferguson, St.Louis has seen a slew of support and announced visits from across the African American spectrum, from legendary activist Al Sharper,Jesse Jackson, to black celebrities and artist such as Jeezy, Ricky Smiley and more, & to politicians who represent us that we never see including Governor Jay Nixon, and Senator Claire Macaskill. Each,in their own way stealing a glimpse of the spotlight to show that they care.




While not being on twitter since August 15th when he released “Be Free” dedicated to Micheal Brown, and any other victim of police brutality, not being on Ig in forever, the rapper who dropped back to back number 1 Billboard Albums, attempted to sneak in to St.Louis un noticed, unannounced, to genuinely pay respect and show support for justice in light of his murder.

Photo Credit Rich Vision Media.

Photo Credit Rich Vision Media. (Click photo to here tribute song)


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