Mr.BrownSwagger( @Mr_BrownSwagger ) Official Video Swagger 2 the Maxx

618’s own Mr.Brownswagger, linked up with Kansas City producer Baby Nelson, to create the anthem “Swagger 2 the Max,” which also features an artist by the name 100, and is expected to be released with Browns upcoming mixtape “Strap or Die.”

The song itself features the up tempo 808 snare and string melody and a theme consistent with the featured artist name Brown (Swag) ger , filled with sound effects including a glimpse of auto tune, a Pewee Herman drop, and more.

The video, shot by Eagle Films,shows Brownswagger, at an East St.Louis liquor store, A & S, shows different scenes of them pulling down bottles, and posted up at the local coner store.

At the video’s closing Mr.Brownswagger gives us a glimpse of his newest single “Thot Chick” which I’m assuming is also on the upcoming mixtape “Strap or Die.”

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