Ayent ( @Ayent2014 ) – Working (With Them People)

S10547430_10203483150913828_7772971334835793468_nt.Louis based rap artist Ayent who performed July 8th at Bar None in Springfield,Ill received great reviews when he performed the track entitled, “Working”  which is a song directed towards people who are deep in the street life and get caught up, only to point out , and assist officers in other arrest in hopes of getting a shorter crime. Although I’m not a fan of crime, or criminal activity, I do believe that you shouldn’t do the crime if you couldn’t do the time, the hook is catchy the song tells a story, and the beat is dope. Overall, I give the recorded track 4/5, I believe the recording could have been more energetic, like the performance, click the photo to link to the track and be  be the judge.

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