Behind the Scenes Footage: picking the Midwest Best 4 Winner #MWB4

mwb4Throwback footage of the judges picking the Midwest Best 4th Winner. Listen in as Dj Lavish, Uncanny, Mr.5th the Dj, Hard Head, & Nina Fame explain why who won, and their top choices. Also fair to note that judges initially had an artist not mentioned in this clip in the top 2-3 as well, but that artist broke a microphone on stage and.. that’s not allowed.

Midwest Best 6th $1000 Showcase happening November 14th at Studio 618 for more info, to perform, be apart etc, text 3146296404.

“New Music” D. Woods (@YaGirlDWoods) “UR TATTOO feat. PAUL WALL *Listen Now*

UR_TATTOO_High_ResD. Woods releases a new single dedicated to one of her biggest weaknesses, Tattoos, featuring Texas King of Grills Paul Wall. It was announced on her website that it will be available on iTunes September 16th 2014, and will also be on the #URFAVORITE Ep, expected October 14th, 2014, which will be released as a new joint venture with with D. Woods Woodgrane Ent and Thirty Tigers /Sony RED. She describes this single as electric, quirky, & urban-alternative. Take a listen and…..

I challenge all D Woods fans & random people to tweet their favorite tattoo pics to D Woods, lets see who she’ll follow.


Mr.BrownSwagger( @Mr_BrownSwagger ) Official Video Swagger 2 the Maxx

618’s own Mr.Brownswagger, linked up with Kansas City producer Baby Nelson, to create the anthem “Swagger 2 the Max,” which also features an artist by the name 100, and is expected to be released with Browns upcoming mixtape “Strap or Die.”

The song itself features the up tempo 808 snare and string melody and a theme consistent with the featured artist name Brown (Swag) ger , filled with sound effects including a glimpse of auto tune, a Pewee Herman drop, and more.

The video, shot by Eagle Films,shows Brownswagger, at an East St.Louis liquor store, A & S, shows different scenes of them pulling down bottles, and posted up at the local coner store.

At the video’s closing Mr.Brownswagger gives us a glimpse of his newest single “Thot Chick” which I’m assuming is also on the upcoming mixtape “Strap or Die.”

On the 314 day of the year @SwishaGang SPIRIT OF ST.LOUIS PART 2

Released on the 314 day of the year, download the Show Me duo and see how St.Louis this mixtape is.Featuring to singles that have been spun by several djs, including 89.5 the waves own Dj Whobeta, & Jazzy Cee.

Also, if you want to hear them live before downloading the mixtape, their 1st official performance after the release is November 16th at Studio 618.


CHAPTER 1Once upon a time, in real life there was a boy named Zoe & a girl named Dae both freshman in high school . One day there were to meet at an intersection near were they both lived so that Dae could go to Zoe’s house. Upon traveling to the intersection Zoe was approached by an older male, that was riding a bike similar to the one Debo rose in the movie Friday, his face resembled Anthony Hamilton’s . The man, who was no younger than his earlier 20’s but realistically looked much older asked Zoe, in a nonchalant voice, “are you Zoe.” Zoe looked to his left and right to make sure the the man wasn’t speaking to anyone else, and to make sure his surroundings were safe before he answered. After a brief silence Zoe replied, “yeah.” At that moment the man hoped on a his rustic bike and traveled in the opposite direction.

After the weird incident Zoe was wondering, what was taking Dae so long, impatiently waiting because this would be his 1st time experiencing this sweet brown pie he had heard so much about. He was also puzzled to who the man on the bike may have been.

After waiting for about 5 minutes Dae finally arrived, looking beautiful and bold with her corn rows in here head, her cherry red lip gloss, and the biggest breast of any freshman girl. Zoe was excited to see her and was ready to take her home for new experiences.

They began walking and talking, laughing flirting on their way back to Zoe’s house. One house away from their destination Dae shouted out, “Oh my God I think he followed us.” At that moment Zoe Glanced into behind near a wide bush, there was a an object attempting to hide. After discovering that he has been seen, he hopped on his bike and went full steam to approach the two freshman, his tires screeched as he stopped his bike. He hoped off walked to Dae in an Ike Turner fashion, he grabbed her wrist and yelled out, “Dae we need to talk.” Puzzled about his new, & unknown stalker, Zoe dashes into his house for a golf club, then to his neighbors house, to grab his friend Cue,  just in case they had to Jump the mysterious man. After the grown man finished talking with Dae, he hopped on his bike, and shouted, “This ain’t over.”

Moments after the man left, Zoe finally got Dae inside the house. But, at this time the mood was quite different from the one less then 20 minutes prior. There was no laughter, no flirting, just a vibe that was now ruined. She made an excuse to leave and Zoe was happy she did. Being polite, Zoe asked did she need him to follow, she quickly answered with a “it would be best that you stay here.” Knowing that Zoe was more than likely going to meet up with the man he left her go. Alone.