Chi Town Legend @TWISTAgmg Rocks Diverse Crowd at the Mad Magician

Chi Town Legend @TWISTAgmg Rocks Diverse Crowd at the Mad Magician

From Po Pimping, to Popping Tags, the man who can make you an overnight celebrity brought down the house January 26th in St.Louis South Side, courtesy of Arch Front Media and the Mad Magician concert Venue.

Getting there half an hour after doors opened at 7, I was greeted with diversity with fans of different races, ages, and income, already in attendance. While waiting on the openers to begin performing, and during intermissions I was impressed than ever with Dj Style Playlist as the #1 Dj on Reverbnation St.Louis Charts , played an array of up to date hits, although some of his selections through the mostly young crowd off their “turn up” agenda.

The opening acts included Doorway, Preach, and an artist worth noting Wally Kuhlenberg, “Black Kid Jewish Name”, who had something to prove to the crowd as he acted the crowd with his rapid flow similar to Twista with out the years of perfection and nature swag of the Chi Town Legend. After each opening act you can tell that the crowd was getting more and more, impatient as from 10 30 – 11 the concert venue became more and more like a lunch room with tens of people talking about their own agenda instead of watching the performers give their all on stage.

As 11 O Clock came Twista hit the stage and immediately everybody in the building was attracted to the front of the stage. Camera phones, tablets, and other devices all in the air to capture classics being performed like, Slow Jamz , Overnight Celebrity, Adrenaline Rush, and countless other classics.

Its worth noting that Arch Front Media, & the Mad Magician have other shows coming up including Stevie Stone March 8th, and the Mafia 6 late march.

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