@DJSmallz Warns Indie Artist of Opening Act Fraud On Facebook

Dj Smallz Creates a video Blog warning artist on a growing trend acting unknowing indie artist, as he refers to as “Opening Act Fraud.” It happens when someone claiming to be the manager or close assailant of a major artist such as 2 Chains, Yo Gotti, T.I. and use only facebook photo’s to verify who they are, that might not even be their photo’s.

He gives several red flags such as paying with a Greed Dot card, or money pack which is makes it hard to track payment or person(s) paid. He also states what he considers to be a golden rule, that if an opportunity is to good to be true it probably is, and the final 2 should be common sense how many major concerts secretly solicits artist to open up, specifically artist that they don’t know. The last thing, and he didn’t touch on this double sometimes triple, reference who you are dealing with, see if they are any other major sites, such as twitter, ig, Linked In, etc.

Beware of scams and spend money with verified promoters, its bitter sweet to see artist telling local promoters how they don’t pay for shows, or how local promoters over charge, etc and then spend there money with a stranger just to get nothing.

Be wise. S/o Dj Small for the video.

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