#TBT @S/O TO @iamKrayzieBone for Putting me on from @whobeta.

#TBT @S/O TO @iamKrayzieBone for Putting me on.

Click the Photo for an excerpt from the interview.

If you build your brand the will find you. That’s my advice and testimony.

My interview with Kayzie Bone was my 1st big interview. So big that I got in trouble with the station for not telling them how big it was going to be, lol. With that on my resume, I was able to land interviews with Nappy Roots, Chingy, and Grand Hustle Artist Big Kuntry King almost immediately afterwards.

I 1st knew how big the interview was the next day, when I cut on 104.1 and they were playing “For the Love of Money.”It was weird because I haven’t heard them play any of their music in ages, and I don’t believe in too many coincidences. Another big indicator that the interview was big was that Arch Front Media announced that they were booking Krayzie Bone for a show couple months later in March. Before the interview, talking with his people they had plans, and ambitions on making it to St.Louis with no promoters interested in the ticket it seemed like an uphill battle.

If all these things were just coincident then hey, but then again Whobeta?

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