Kanye West “Yeezus Tour” Cancelled for Scott Trade Center in St.Louis as Predicted

As predicted weeks ago on my blog https://whobeta.wordpress.com/2013/10/25/how-much-will-kanye-west-kendrick-lamar-concert-tickets-be-when-they-touch-down-in-st-louis/ & now according to news reports across the news, web, etc Kanye West will cancel his highly anticipated tour stop in St.Louis with an artist everybody is bandwagoning right now Kendrick Lamar.

I predicted the cancellation of the concert with the cause being ticket sales. From a glance on my social media’s people really wanted to see Kendrick, & some really wanted to see Kanye but, of course was not about that life when it came down to the ticket prices, & of course Kanye camp can’t just say “we didn’t sell enough tickets” the excuse giving to Scott Trade Center follows.

Here’s part of the statement from Scottrade Center: “Following a highway accident last week that severely damaged critical stage equipment including a custom video truss and 60-foot circular LED screen, the Kanye West-Kendrick Lamar tour is back on. In order to make the required repairs and production adjustments, re-routing parts of the tour including the cancellation of several dates was unfortunately required. The tour is a massive spectacle requiring 22 trucks to transport, and Kanye was unwilling to reduce or compromise the production he created for his fans.”

Uh Huh.

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