Peoria based Dj, Dj Lavish has been in St.Louis several times with in the last couple of months trying to break into a bigger market and establish himself as a regional Dj. After connecting with St.Louis Dj @whobeta, they have been able to achieve a lot in less then 6 months bring artist to both St.Louis, & Peoria, as well as Cincinnati, West Tennessee, and countless other towns.

November 16th marks Dj Lavish’s first official Dj Gig in St.Louis at the Mid West Show Me Tour St.Louis Edition, although he is not on the flyer he has been officially confirmed for the event which includes  former American Idol finalist, De’Andre Perryman & St.Louis Voice winner Ali, and other St.Louis artist.

The same day Dj Lavish officially sponsors his first event in the St.Louis region at Studio 618. The Rep Your City Concert which is Headlined by Memphis Radio Host @Miscdaboss of Hot 107.1 who currently has a single sweeping through the south titled “Thowd Off” featuring love and hip hops Shamrock. This event also includes other artist from Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, & more & is also Dj Lavish official after party for the Midwest Show Me Tour.

Info for both events are below. Click each photo for a bigger picture of flyer.


Click Photo For more info

dj l

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