MI$Cellaneous(@Miscdaboss) #BlackLivesMatter ft. Ardie (DMG) Directed by Yawn Filmz

Made in the aftermath of the unrest in Ferguson (Mike Brown), Baltimore (Freddie Gray), New York (Eric Gardner), & too many other police killings of unarmed African Americans prominent Memphis artist Miscellaneous steps in the booth to late his listeners know that Black Lives Matter, while insisting that if it doesn’t we need to come together and make them matter, and made the opposition respect it. Check Out the video above.

Jobs Alert! Hiring Event July 23rd @ UMSL


Woke up this morning… A Got myself a Job is what you could be saying July 23rd. From 9 Am to Noon near 90 companies & 10 organizations will be looking to actively hiring as part of the Weekend of Empowerment hosted by Ferguson 1000.


So in other words, I need every jobless rapper in the St Louis in the building, if you need a better job be in the building, if you are a business looking to build with other businesses I need you in the building, in other words be in the building this Week end. share this link with someone who needs this info, repost this info, lets all get jobs. For more info or to register call 3143756277 or check email address on flyer.

Mike Brown Sr. Approved, Young Thug No longer banned in St.Louis

Photo oppCheck out Young Thug Interview Here.

1 month after the fatal shooting of an unarmed African American teen Mike Brown by former Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson, metro-sexual rapper Young Thug made comments during an award show that united the St.Louis & cities across the Midwest, calling for a ban on the rapper promising violence and protest if he was to touch down in the St.Louis area.

Young Thugs last show in St.Louis prior to his comments was in March of 2014 at Klub Klymaxx less then 10 minutes from where Mike Brown Jr.was murdered months later. There were several attempts to bring Thugger to the city since then, which all fail short until Young Thug dropped a track hard enough for everyone to forgive him.

After a year of anger against Rich Hommie Quans Hubbie, reduced radio spins, and negative opinions Young Thug Dropped “Best Friend” a St.Louis anthem about bleeding bad, eating booty and other weird things.The song was so powerful & uplifting to St.Louis that Hot 104.1 began to play the song religiously as if it was a Drake, or Fetty Wap record. The city loved the record so much they almost forgot that up & coming St.Louis artist J.R. released a hot single with the same name similar concept in August of 2015 with Trey Songz, that’s currently creeping towards top 40 status.

The song was so hot that with out apologizing for his lack of empathy of Mike Browns murder, Young Thug was able to come back to the city that once “Banned” him, and the city gave him mad love in the form of a sold out show, no violence, no protest, and a few $1000 in his pocket and a possible yeast infection.

Young Thug was able to meet Mike Brown Sr. the father of the male who Young Thug gave 0 fucks about in 2014 & it was all good, they even took photos. S/o to everybody in St.Louis, St.Charles, and Metro East who put hot records over social issues,why stand for something when we can just turn up instead?

Early Bird Ent (@BizzleEarly) shoots video for “Show Me Money Show Me State”

BizzFerguson based rap label “Early Bird Ent” Shoots video for their “Show Me State” inspired record “Show Me Money, Show Me State.” The song & video’s main feature is Early Bird Ent’s top artist Bizzle, with cameo’s from St.Louis artist,actor YC, Dj Whobeta, & others in various locations around the highly publicized city of Ferguson, including scenes yards away from the Ferguson Police Department. The video, directed by 1 of 1 films is expected to be released sometime in Mid-November with a teaser/preview coming soon. To check out the track before the video drops click here.

Tef Poe (@TEFPOE) New Music “Gas Mask”

Tef Poe delivers a powerful recap of the turmoil that escalated on August 9th, entitled “Gas Mask.” Upon releasing this resistance anthem January 1st its been heard almost 1,000 times on soundcloud alone before January 3rd.

Gas Mask is also the 1st release from Tef Poe’s newly legalized Delmar Records.