New Eminem – Walk On Water (Audio) ft. Beyoncé


Unexpected and unthinkable, Eminem releases “Walk on Water” with Beyonce. Reflecting on his legendary hip hop career, the expectations & bar he set that he can’t seem to top nor except plus more check it out below.

Watch Jay-Z “4:44” Official Video

Exclusive to Tidal during the 1st week of its release , the official video for the apology track to Beyonce & title track to Jay Z’s 13th Studio Album “4:44”, is now available to the public on youtube, check out the 8 minute video below, & check out the classic album how ever you can.

Jay Z & Beyonce “On the Run” & Pregnant with Child number 2

bjOn the last stop on Beyonce & Jay-Z’s ‘On the Run’ tour in Paris, Jay Z altered the lyrics to a song of his latest album, ‘MC + HG,’ “Beach is Better” which he closed with  “Cos she pregnant with another one”, and gave Paris a glimpse of what may be a baby bump, on Queen B, she appears no more than 2-3 months pregnant.

What will they name the baby?



Is the Solange attact on Jay Z another fight started by Rihanna ?

This Photo Captures Rihanna and her wearings 5/5/2014 the night of her party that Jay Z allegedly wanted to attend.

This Photo Captures Rihanna and her wearings  and no underwearings 5/5/2014 the night of her party that Jay Z allegedly wanted to attend.

According to several sources including Cnn, Wendy Williams and more, the attack on Hip Hop mogul Jay Z from Sister In Law Solange (Beyonce’s Sister). Was a mixture of Solange being either drunk or high, and Jay Z wanting to attend a party thrown by often naked Singer Rihanna, who often causes fights. After leaving the the Standard Hotel in NYC, pictures and video show Beyonce & younger sister hoping in one vehicle while Jay Z hoped into another.

If sources are correct this would be the 5th known fight surrounding or involving the Superstar Singer.Other major fights include Chris Brown Vs. Drake, Chris Brown Vs. Rihanna, & Chris Brown Vs. the state of California.


Check out what she wore the night of the incident you can even see a fraction of her booty cheeks (If you stare hard enough lol).