Milli B @TheReal_MilliB “Let It Whip” & Beyond Whobeta’s working Woman of the Week

Let it Whip is the 1st official single / video for up coming female vocalist Milli B of Belleville , Illinois. With the familiar title the song is a remake of the hit single “Let It Whip” by the Dazz Band.

After watching the 3 minute red lense video filmed by Eagle Films there is no question how it hit almost 2,000 views in less then 3 weeks. The video (not for kids eyes), stars an almost naked Milli B in several scenes including split second bubble bath scenes, who is waiting on a unknown assailant that eventually comes in to hump the songstress and get grind-ed on.

She has been making her rounds in the local scene with her record since its release and has expressed her wants of hitting the road and expanding her brand.