Tony Mfck Maze making his impact as a Hip hop Rebel (@alegion23)


From the West Side of St.Louis, 314 based artist Tony Mfkz Maze could have never imagined his last 365 days in the rap game. Opening for Oscar Nominated artist Hypno Carlito, St.Louis fan favorite Cmg artist Zed Zilla, and linking with one of the hardest working indie artist in St.Louis Zues Rebels Waters, & the Rebel Gang being featured in 3 of the Indie Celebs latest videos.

Maze is currently working on his debut Born Ready Records project “Spirit of St.Louis” which is sure to have a rebel or to on the project along with a surprise or two I’m sure, & will include the latest single, “She want A Rebel” referring to himself glorifying his bad boy persona of freaking & finessing women. Check it out below, if it doesn’t load listen here. 

Follow the new Rebel everywhere

Facebook:@OfficialTonyMfKnMaze Twitter: @Alegion23 Instagram:@MrPreztonymfknmaze 

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