@CallMeDonesty & @ZammInkd (HOT SPITTA) Split October 5th’s Midwest Best Showcase at Studio 618


October 5th at Studio 618 $1000.00 was up for grabs. $500 was to go to the artist with the most fans in attendance, & the winner of the other $500.00 was to be given to to who ever the judges decided on. At the end of the night with 30 plus fans in attendance Hot Spitta easily won the 1st $500.00 prize. The second prize wasn’t so easy.

While the judges deliberated in a backroom of studio 618, there were heated arguments about who should win, why they should win, and why others shouldn’t win. Many names were brought up and at the end they decided on a young female who was actually born in East Saint Louis, according to her bio, and who had quit her job just to make it to the showcase, who raps by the name Donesty.

While there are some that are upset at the outcome a few people asked me who I would have had in my Top 5 and who I thought should have won. Maybe I will maybe I won’t.