Song of the day Brent Faiyaz x 2Pac – Trust For Love (Mashup) #Day1

My attempt to write about 1 personal favorite song for the next 365 days will start with one of my favorite new artist Brent Faiyaz & a true hip hop legend 2 Pac. While exploring Tic Toc for ideas on my 1st post I stumbled across a hashtag #Ifyoucanreadthiswithoutsmiling #youretoxc & that’s when I discovered this wonderful gem that matches & Mashes 1 of Brent Faiyaz most popular tracks “Trust” with 1 of Pac’s often under appreciated softer side records “Do For Love.” The 2 tracks fit perfectly with Brent questioning his trust while Pac lets us know these Pro’s aint loyal. After listening to this song for the 1st time 2/22/2021 it has become one of my favorite songs of 2021 so far. Check out the record below, & by the add me on Tic Toc & Instagram @whobeta.

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