D-Woods talks St.Louis food , ratchetness, her type of man & more.

D Woods with Dj Rail Jp and her  Manager Alima

Singer, Song Writer, Actress, Boss, D-Woods formerly of Danity Kane, talks about her latest extended stay in St.Louis, in which she hosted a dance battle, karaoke night, a dj competition, a fitness class and so much more.

She spoke about the great food she’s had while in the Lou , speaking highly of St.Louis staples such as Goody Goody, Sweetie Pies, & the rib shack, while surprisingly she has yet to have Imo’s.

With all the infamous Worldstar placements, and club sex videos we asked what was the most ratchet person or moment she has witnessed and she responded stating the city has been on its best behavior.

Miss D Woods is also on the market, and describes herself as an equal opportunity employer, as long as you ain’t no BIYACHHH, or light skinned.

Check out the full interview she talks about frequenting strip clubs, gay clubs, and hitting the strip pole?

& Check out her new single “Call It Quits” currently on soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/d-woods-1/call-it-quits

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