Studio 618’s @clint4music @WhoBeta Behind the scenes photos with #Fox2News’s Kim Hudson


Fox 2 News arrived to 809 Saint Louis Ave 62201 bright in early February 7th 2014 to see about all the good news they have been hearing about.


We were live 8:40 AM Cst with @kimhudsontv


Rapper Eric Roby Studio 618 employee and aspiring rapper who was at the right place at the right time to hit 16 bars in front of 1000’s watching at home.


Studio 618 Owner Clint Collins being briefed before the interview.


Behind the scenes photo’s of when Kim Hudson and Channel 2 news came to Studio 618 for the 1st time for the new year. Marking Studio 618’s Owner Clint Collins 3rd time on Fox 2 News in less than 2 years.

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