@CallMeDonesty “Coolin” Shoot by @ceeszhairston

S/o to St.Louis Hip Hop artist Donesty for keeping her views real on the hunt for 2,000 + views shortly, in her latest & most successful video yet. “Coolin” filmed by Ceez Hairston, shows Donesty just ducked off with hopes of better days for her family, in this video that only features Donesty, herself & she.

What do i think about the song or the video? After focusing on the song for the 1st time, I actually like it. Her flow gives me a Meek Mills with out the constant repetition. The lyrics, there are a lot of dope lines, and unlike a lot of today’s songs her message stays consistent through out the song.

The video, cool. A lot of great shots of the rapper, making her look very appealing, while not looking hoeish. Display’s her personal fashion, rocking her on logo, & rocking her shoes with her wings. The only thing that bothers me is that she gets dropped off at the begging of the video and I thought it had a purpose, & the low key I was waiting for her to jump of the bridge, grab the fence, or something cool.

Any who, check it out, btw I’m the only person who disliked the video. I’ll like it if she describe to my channel lbvs link here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgvgipEVin8 .

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