When I think of most of the hip hop / rap performances I see I think of the most boring unprofessional 5-10 minutes ever. With most acts doing the same old 2 step, holding their lower levels, or with 20 people on stage yelling nonstop nonsense, through the mic while not knowing the words to the song, there are artist that bring a breathe a fresh air to culture. Ne Ne Goon, who has been performing for less than a year, has put on a well thought out show each time I have seen her hit the stage, complete with dance intermissions, quality music, and music for the occasion. She brands her loyal fans with her logo’d shirts and after every show she comes prepared with more than enough mixtapes, flyers, and cds, to pass out the the public. Ne Ne Goon is trying to make it and she’s making all the right moves catch her live November 16th Studio 618. For info about this show or how you can perform text 3146296404


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