Whobeta Vs. Finals Game 7 @Bigheff Industry Tour St.Louis Stop

ImageThe awkward moment when NBA finals reach game 7, and lands on the Thursday of your event, you ask yourself. Why me oh lord why me, lol. Frantically, you reach of for support near & far, & your end result is as followed.

Thursday June 20th, Another Level Sports Bar, Berkeley, Mo, 930 Pm Walks inside venue loos left, looks forward, looks right, and find my self in a situation in which it is just me, the bartender, & security, & its half time for the NBA finals.I feel relieved no one has beaten me to this empty venue, while nervous that the turn out, might be minimal.

Midway through the 3rd quarter the bars population grew, 2 by 2 they spewed in, until we had about 20 – 25 surrounded by the flat screens of the bar, with only 1 concern (not the Show case),who will win the finals.At this time 1 group of artist, who traveled from St.Joseph, Mo was lost & and at another level sports bar in East Saint Louis.(WTF), my host & photographer could not make it because of childcare & transportation, & Big Heff who stated earlier that day he was going to watch half of the finals then head to the venue, were not present as the 4th quarter made way.

During the final 6 minutes of the game everything started to make sense, supporters were present, all performers were present, and spirits were high and of course were ready for (not the show case to start) the new NBA champions to be crowned. After what ever team won, Big Heff sent a text saying he was on his way (wtf happened to 2 quarters lol). Image

After all the Cheers & boo’s, & social post about the finals were over, we began the Showcase which feature Hussoulman, Pooh Naz T & Nap Dogg ( From Saint Joseph, Mo). Traestl (From St.Roberts, Mo),Gifted Dance Crew (St.Louis / St.Charles Area) Surprise performer Peety Weestro, last event winner & St.Louis natives King Cakes, who took on the responsibilities of hosting (thank God), King James (no relation to Lebon Jamies) who was celebrating his 22nd B-Day with a concert & from Pittsburgh, Penn K-Mitch.

After all of the performances took place, Big Heff decided to pick 2 winners 1 being Trae Stl, & the other being Peety Weestro, who wasn’t officially in the contest but gave a dynamic performance of his hit song Pull up, Shut it Down.


With the events attendance being no more then 60 I would say the crowd was one of the best crowds I have seen in a while, filled with only people who wanted to be there. It wasn’t over drowned with performances, and gave a good indication on were the local scene stood. I want to thank everybody who attended the event, King James, King Cakes, Traestl, Gifted Dance Crew, O’Reginal Ent,  & all of their friends,family fans, & supporters, Will Victory, Mos Precious / her label, Dj Smooth of 90.7 Fm  Peoria, Ill, and of Course Big Heff & K-Mitch. Last but not least Sho’Me records President Jay B, & the Staff at Another Level Sports Bar.Thank you all once again.

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