Tremier (@2swahv) Performance & behind the scene footage of #MWB7 $1000 Showcase at Studio 618

Tremier.jpgSt.Louis area artist Tremier is no Stranger to the Midwest Best competition being affiliated with the 1st winner ever of the competition and current host for the Midwest Best “Zamm 2 Turnt.” Knowing the rules of the event & seeing 1st hand what it takes Tremier was determined to leave Studio 618 with $1000.00 promoting the event everyday through various social networks.

His Midwest Best Journey was filmed by his cousin & camera man Loud Bass Productions watch his Midwest Best journey, performance, and  behind the scenes footage and commentary from the young artist. Although he didn’t win this competition I personally was impressed with his promotion of the event, his confidence, and the evolution in the sound & quality of his music.

& the #MWB7 Winners are??? Ueno Rhymes (@official_ueno) & King Tyrus / La Buck

#MWB7In what could have been the final Midwest Best $1000 Showcase. Fans & talent came out from across the Midwest & South, to find out who had what it takes to be the next Midwest Best Winner.

The 1st winner is always based strictly off who brings the most people to the event and this time around the winners won in a land slide King Tyrus & La Buck easily brought over 30 people out January 23rd which is the second highest number anyone has ever brought to a Midwest Best competition and was rewarded $500.00 for their accomplishments.

The second Midwest Best winner which was determined off the judges critique & was harder to determine with judges looking at 4 key factors (stage presence, image, sound quality, & likability). There was a lot of talent in the building that name including some of my favorite performances of the evening King Cakes, Luh Stank,Cash Zone, Biggs (Dayton,Ohio) & Deezy Da Papaer Boy. I wasn’t judging nor did I see every performance to give an honest take, and  the judges almost unanimously agreed that Ueno Rhymes was worthy to become the next Midwest Best Winner, and the crowd agreed (for the most part) with minimal salty looks in the crowd. The judges liked her unique sound, and explosive stage performance, while noting that she has a unique fashion about her that’s not common.

#MWB7 $1000 Showcase January 23rd might be last

The Midwest Best $1000 showcase is now in its 7th & possibly final installment. To be apart of an event that will showcase many artist from across many state lines throughout the Midwest & South text 3146296404. Artist, bloggers, djs, clothing designers, fans of music and more are all encouraged to come out to Studio 618 for another history making payday for unexpected indie artist. To follow updates for the Midwest Best Showcase and brand follow this link here, & follow @whobeta on twitter & Instagram.