#NewSingle BIg Ham(@TheRhythmrebel) “Just A Man” Listen

Big HamBig Ham reminds us all he’s just a mortal man with his new single “Just A Man” available on Itunes now. Big Ham provides baritone rhymes over soulful 90’s era hip hop sound filled with samples, trumpets & soft piano notes. Be sure to check out the record below & more from his catalog on Sound Cloud Soul Rebel 2011.

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Jay O Smitty (@jayosmitty) We Ready (AYR) ft. (@therhythmrebel)

proxyUnderground artist Jay O Smitty flips a throw back classic “We Ready” from Archie Eversole, featuring Virginia based, St.Louis area native who submitted the song to BetasBlock.com the video and lyrics tell a message although the quality needs to increase. Check it out for yourself he’s requesting all feedback no matter how good or bad. For more info on how to get a free placement on BetasBlock.com click here.