Lil Wyte (@Lil_Wyte_) removes Misc. F#%K the Industry Video, & more amidst Back to Back diss record

FTIWhen former Wyte Music artist Miscellaneous dropped an unexpected “Back 2 Back” diss at former CEO Lil Wyte, Wyte responds by removing Miscdaboss popular video “F**K the Industry” video off line, as well as removes mentions of Misc. “Broke & Famous Album” from his twitter profile. Almost immediately after the release of the “Back to Back” diss Lil Wyte also re-tweeted 3 quotes from the @48tweetsofpower which is based off the world famous tactical “48 Laws of Power” book. The tweets included “Never Outshine the Master” “Know who you are dealing with: Do not offend the wrong person” & “Win Through your actions, never your argument”

With so much history, chemistry, and collaborations between the 2 we will be following this story hoping for a positive resolution.


Miscellaneous (@Miscdaboss) Back 2 Back “Lil Wyte Diss”


No stranger to friction in his home town, Miscellaneous shakes things up in Memphis once again. This time around, shots fired towards his former CEO Lil Wyte of “Wyte Music” in new “Back to Back” record where he speaks of allegations of owed money & expresses his anger about his debut album “Broke & Famous” which was to drop Spring 2015 & has yet to released more than 4 months later.

Wyte has fired back removing Miscellaneous “F*CK the Industry” Video off youtube and almost immediately the release of the record, he tweeted 3 quotes from @48tweetsofpower twitter page, with the last one saying “Know Who you dealing with, Don’t offend the Wrong Person.”