Behind Enemy Lines: Hosted by Big T (@BIGTQMB) Fishscale Blo Vs Twitch Springfield,Ill

Bar Brawl Battle League Presents… “Behind Enemy Lines” hosted by Big T. In this exciting match up Central Illinois vets Fishscale Blo (Springfield) takes on Twitch (Decatur). With this battle being full of dope schemes and ill punchlines #3BL wants to know, who won?


Naptown Shach announces his Midwest Best $1000 Performance for Studio 618 7-18


Naptown Shach, Self proclaimed Naptowns Favorite Celebrity, is currently on his Mixtape Trapping tour promoting his new project “The Golden Ticket” & this year he has hit Miami,South Carolina, Chicago, and all area’s of his home town of Indianapolis. July 3rd he made it official and announced that he would be competing for $1000 in the 5th installment of the Midwest Best $1000 Showcase, put together by Dj Whobeta @ Studio 618. As the 1st artist ever to perform at the Midwest Best from Indianapolis I’m sure he real rep for his city go follow him on instagram @Shach317.