Noon – @We_Here216 (The Mixtape) :: #GetItLIVE! Now @IndyTapes Hosted by @DJKnyce


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With the Cavilers winning the city of Cleveland’s 1st major championship in 40 plus year, Emerging rap artist “Noon” decided to let the world know where exactly where his city is at in 2016 with his latest project titled “We In Here” with 12 new tracks. The solid effort collects a variety of sounds from several producers,  with Kamilson & 3Ft, producing 2 tracks a piece, including the lead record “Country Thick”  and Official music video that dropped July 3rd. Check him out and be sure to expect him in the 314 before the end of the year. To download the mixtape click here.

Follow Noon everywhere:
Twitter: @We_Here216
Instagram: @We_here216_
Facebook: EmgWorldWide Noon

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